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Chapter 1 - Bios.

More Characters of mine. This Ame is a Completely different one from my other Ame. Check em' Out!

Chapter 1 - Bios.

Chapter 1 - Bios.

Saiyan Hemora Matrix

Age: 30

Height: 6 foot 5”

Weight: 195

Hair Color: Black (Gold when in Super Saiyan Mode)

Hair Style: Spiked up (Somewhat similar to Gohan's)

Eye Color: Blue (Red When gone Super Saiyan)

Hobbies: Drawing, Working out, Sports, Lancing, Swords-play, and Running.

Family: Ame Matrix (daughter), Neil: Namek Hero (Mentor)

Clothing: Blue Martial Arts Outfit with an Orange Belt and Orange Under-shirt.

Biography: Saiyan is a- well… Saiyan that was sent to earth around the same time as Goku, However, his ship was knocked off course by an asteroid and landed on the planet Namek. He was left to starve for no more than a week. He was later found by the Namekian hero Neil and was taken in as his student. As Saiyan Grew up, he learned how to fight, defend, and eventually found his hidden powers. He taught himself the move he calls “Time Rip” at which he thrusts his hands in the threads of time and throws it to his enemies, and it causes a random effect on them including, Death, Weakening, or even Power up. He has also learned the Namekian ways of healing and language. He was forced back to earth after the incident with Frieza. He fought along side Goku and all his friends and family. Eventually, turned his Namekian Subspecies down and decided to stay on earth, considering the fact that Neil was a part of Piccolo now. He eventually became a member of the Z-fighters and lives a normal life with his daughter Ame.

Ame Matrix

Age: 16

Height: 5 Foot 5”

Weight: 145

Hair Color: Blue (Gold when in Super Saiyan)

Hair Style: Long, Waist Length Pony-tail

Eye color: Green (Red when in Super Saiyan)

Hobbies: Lancing, Resting, Hanging out, and Training with her Friends

Clothing: Yellow Tank top and Pink Skirt (Knee Length)

Biography: Ame is the only known Female Saiyan that can actually go super. She is shy around new people, but is not afraid to show how she feels. She lost her mother at Birth and never really new about her. Her mother is like a shadow, but this doesn't keep her from her everyday life. Ame's Friends include, Gohan, Goten, Videl, Krillen, Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Puar, Yajarobi, Hercule, Goku, Chi Chi, Bulla, Pan, and even the newly Reborn Cell and Freiza (In the fan-fic I'm planning on writing, the two are reborn as kind hearted allies but still hate Goku and Gohan for killing them in the first place). She's very popular among Other World and wants to be just a normal 16-year-old Girl. Sadly, she can't consider the fact that Baby is Wreaking havoc. Until then, she'll just have to fight with her Father till she can finally live a normal life.


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Xander00 on April 27, 2006, 12:30:47 AM

Xander00 on
Xander00Well HE didn't really have her, his wife, as I said in the bio. died at child birth and yes they were both 14.
She however told him that she was willing to give her life for anything to Birth Ame, that included losing her life at child birth.
Plus, She had gone into labor at the time of the cell games, he was at death's door when he finnally managed to help her Birth in a small cave outside the Cell ring.
There, She gave birth and had just enough life to watch Gohan take out Cell.
Read the story When I get it up. Its sad.

kafei23415 on April 26, 2006, 6:18:29 AM

kafei23415 on
kafei23415OMFG! Saiyan was 14 when he had Ame?! HOLY shoot!

^ .6