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A DragonBall Z: Budokai, Poke'mon, and Digimon Crossover Story.

Ash and May were on their way to Pallet Town to Meet Ash's mom after another 2 years on the road and meet a young Blue-haired Kitsune-Girl named Ame Star Sakura-Syphon. They all tag-along to go to Pallet Town but are Thrown into a Vortex; Kari and T.K. have been dating for two months now and are in the park with Gatomon and Patamon but meet up with a Pink-haired digi-destined named Neo Saikou Niju with a very unusual Biyomon. They all begin talking and are hurled into the same Vortex; Saiyan is training with his Daughter Ame (My OC, after the buu saga, before the last few episodes of DBZ, Ame is the same age as Goten) and the two sense something strange; Cooler and Kid Buu have been revived! They now want to destroy the universe.

What will come of Ash, May, Ame, Kari, T.K., Neo, Their digimon, and the Z-Fighters? Read to Find out!
More bios. Crystal is Xander and Mina's daughter and Emerald is Ame and Shadows Daughter. The two are cousins, Check em' out!
This is a poem dedicated to Cosmo the Plant, Tails's girlfriend.
More Characters of mine. This Ame is a Completely different one from my other Ame. Check em' Out!
My character Bios. Just check 'em out.