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Chapter 1 - An Introduction

This is a story my friend and I are writing.

Chapter 1 - An Introduction

Chapter 1 - An Introduction
            I stood on the large steps of the Central Military Headquarters. I stared up at the stone faced. I was determined to become the second youngest state alchemist. In fact, that very day I was to meet with Colonel Roy Mustang to discuss the mater. That was the day. The day that our story began. I stood on those steps, aiming to fulfill my dream, to have my name known far and wide. That name was Laeni.
            A young girl with short black hair stands the base of the stairs leading to the Central Headquarters. She sweeps a bit of hair out of her face.
“Here at last.” She says to herself. She had been dreaming of this moment for a long time, dreaming of finally getting a chance to become what she had always dreamed of: a state alchemist. She inhales deeply, and begins to ascend the stairs. As she reaches the doors, she realizes how large they really are. She looks up the doors towering over her. She inhales deeply once more. She raises her fist to knock on the door, hesitating at first, then knocks. A man with dirty blonde hair, holding a cigarette in his mouth opens the doors. <br>
“Yes?” He asks rather plainly. <br>
“Hello, I’m here to see Colonel Roy Mustang.” She says, standing up straight and saluting, trying to be as polite as possible, despite the obvious disinterest of the man. He blinks. <br>
“Uh…wait here.” He says, leading her into the main hallway. He disappears into another hallway. She waits for a few minutes, looking at her surroundings. The man reappears. <br>
“Ok, follow me.” He says, taking another puff of his cigarette. They walk down the hallway, turning into another, until they finally reach a door with Colonel Roy Mustang[/i] carved into a plaque on the door.  He knocks on the door. <br>
“Yes?” says a voice from within the room. The man pokes his head in the door. <br>
“She’s here Colonel.” Say the man. <br>
“Show her in.” Say the voice from within. The man nods, holding the door open for her, closing it behind her. A man with black hair is seated at a large desk, his hands folded in front of him on the desk top. There are two chairs placed in front of the desk. <br>
“Take a seat.” Says the man motioning at the chairs. She sits, looking up at the man nervously. He looked incredibly serious. She gulps. <br>
“I’m Colonel Roy Mustang, or the Flame Alchemist, whichever you prefer.” The man says, “ Are you  the one who sent me the letter?” <br>
“Yes sir, I am.” She says. The Colonel nods. <br>
“And what might your name be?” <br>
“Laeni.” Mustang smirks and leans back in his chair. <br>
“So, Laeni, you want to try to be a state alchemist? You really think they’ll take a child seriously?” <br>
“Yes sir. I’ve heard of a boy who got his license at twelve. I want to become the second youngest state alchemist. I know I can.” Laeni says, and for the first time in the whole meeting, with confidence. Mustang grunts. <br>
“You mean Fullmetal? Trust me; you don’t want to be like that little brat.” <br>
“I’m not after it to be like him. But I know that if he could do it at twelve, I can do it at fifteen.” Mustang leans forward in his chair again, folding his hands on his desktop. <br>
“Fullmetal is a different case completely, he was a special circumstance. I know; I recruited him personally. But I doubt they’ll let you in.” <br>
“Why not?! I’m just as good at alchemy as  him!” Mustang laughs. <br>
“I highly doubt that girl. But-“ He reaches in his desk, and pulls out a folder, “Listen, these are the application papers,” He hands the folder to her, “ Fill these out and bring them back to me tonight, and I’ll tell you what to do next.”  Laeni stands up, holding her folder close to her chest, giving a sharp salute. <br>
“Thank you Colonel Mustang sir!” She says in a voice overwhelming with joy and gratitude. Laeni bows and exits the room. The man with the cigarette enters the Colonel’s office. <br>
“What was that all about Mustang?” He asks, leaning against the doorway. <br>
“The girl wants to be a state alchemist.” <br>
“What? Her? How old is she?” says the man, almost dropping his cigarette. <br>
“Calm down Havoc, it doesn’t matter. If she’s capable, age is nothing.” Mustang says. He stands up and walks over to his window, watching Laeni walk out of HQ, “ We’ll just have to see.” <br><br>
A group of small children stand around a fountain in the center of a square in Central. <br>
“Aww!” A young girl in the group cries out, “The fountain is broken!” The children around her let out sounds of disappointment. From one of the side streets an older girl with long blonde hair walks up. She goes up to the little girl who cried out. <br>
“What’s the matter?” She asks the little girl. The girl points over at the stone fountain. <br>
“It’s broken!” She says sadly. The older girl walks up to the fountain, followed by the group of children, to find the basin dry. She crouches down to the level of the little girl. <br>
“You wanna see a trick?” She asks, grinning. The little girl nods. The older girl stands up straight, pulling a piece of chalk out of her pocket. She draws something on the side of the fountain. She then puts both of her hands on the fountain. Light begins to seep out from under her palms. Water begins to flow out of the fountain. The children around her cry out in joy. <br>
“Wow! You’re magic!” The little girl says. The older one smiles down at her. <br>
“No,” says a voice from behind them, “That was alchemy.” They turn to find a teenage boy with long blonde hair, standing with what appeared to be a person in a giant suit of armor next to him. <br>
“Not to shabby alchemy either.” Says the blonde boy, speaking again, walking towards them. <br>
“Oh, it was nothing.” Says the older girl, blushing a bit, “But thank you.” <br>
“It was very nice of you to help these kids.” says the person in armor. <br>
“Al!” The blonde boy says to the armored one, “We’re late, c’mon!” They dash off towards a side street, the armored man waving goodbye as they go. <br><br>
“I don’t see why we have to meet with Mustang.” Ed says gruffly as he and his brother Al walk to Central HQ. <br>
“We have to find out if you passed your assessment Big Brother.” Alphonse replies in his normal kind tone. Ed grunts. <br>
“I know that, but couldn’t have just call me and told me or something? Does this really require me having to endure a meeting with him? All he ever does is pick on me and act all high and mighty.” <br>
“Let’s just cooperate Brother, we get into enough trouble without upsetting the Colonel.” <br>
Ed sighs. “Whatever.”  He says, obviously trying to get off the subject. They reach the large doors of Headquarters, and walk inside. <br>
“Hey Lieutenant.” Ed says, waving to Havoc. <br>
 “Is the Colonel in?” Al asks politely. <br>
“Ya.” Replies Lieutenant Havoc, smoking a cigarette as usual, “He’ll be happy to see you, as always.” He says with a laugh. <br>
Ed groans, “Let’s just get this over with.”  He says, walking down the hall, his brother right behind him.  They reach the oh-so-familiar door with the Colonel’s name carved on the plaque. <br>
“Yep, this is it, as always.”  Ed says glumly. He sighs and opens the door. <br>
“So Colonel, let’s get down to business.’ Ed says, walking into the office, followed by Al. <br>
“Hmm?” Mustang looks up from the pile of paperwork on his desk, giving Edward a blank stare. <br>
“You know.” Ed says, taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk, “Why’d you need to see us? You could have just called me about the  assessment.” <br>
“Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren’t we Fullmetal?” Mustang says smugly. Ed slumps down in his chair. <br>
“Will you just tell me how I did?’ Ed says, getting aggravated. <br>
“You passed your assessment Edward.” Mustang says. Ed begins to get out of his chair to leave, “But that’s not all I wanted to see you about.” Ed slumps back down into the chair.  <br>
“Then what else did you want to see me about?” he asks. <br>
“The state alchemy exam.” Mustang says, folding his hands together on his desk. <br>
“But Ed has already passed the exam.” Al says speaking for the first time in the meeting. <br>
“Ya, what’s this all about?’ Ed asks, sitting up. <br>
“I am fully aware that you have passed the exam Edward.” Mustang says, “ It’s a matter of who is taking the exam this year.” <br>
“Where are you going with this?’ Ed says, beginning to get interested. <br>
“Well Edward, someone might be giving you a run for your money.” <br>
Ed cocks an eyebrow, “Go on.” <br>
“Well,” Mustang continues, “There’s a fifteen year old who is trying out this time. She’s determined to become the second youngest state alchemist; after you Ed” <br>
“Fifteen? That’s my age…” says Al. <br>
“She?!” Ed says standing up, “It’s a girl?!” <br>
‘Hey!” Al chimes in defensively, “Just because she’s a girl doesn’t make her any lesser!” <br>
Ed sighs and slouches back into his chair, “You’re right Al. Alchemic skill has nothing to do with gender or age.” He smirks and looks at the Colonel, “Alright Mustang, I’ll go watch.”   <br><br>



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kiddy_neko on August 26, 2006, 9:20:50 AM

kiddy_neko on
kiddy_nekoheheheh thats an awesome start for the story i love it i wanna keep reading ^^