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Chapter 1 - Can you hear Hevan cry?

Hollow always knew he was different, but when he meets the royalty from the other islands,they all quickly learn that the wrath of the gods has fallen on them and its now up to them to save the islands.

Chapter 1 - Can you hear Hevan cry?

Chapter 1 - Can you hear Hevan cry?
The young boy fast fast asleep, a book falling from his little fingers.
His black hair cupped his little dreaming head.

"Hollow!" Her gentle voice called out, "It’s time for school!" the older
woman stepped into the room and watched him for a second or two before
she took hold of his shoulder and shook him. "Wake up sleepy head"

Hollow's eye lids were still heavy with sleep as he opened them,
"Grandmother... Please let me sleep..." He rubbed his eyes and glanced
up. She glanced at his white eyes with the cat like irises. "Not today"
she petted his hair as he nodded sadly. He slowly got up from his seat
and straightened his clothes. He looked back and smiled "Can I stay
tomorrow?" she smiled weakly, "We'll see when you get home"

Hollow smiled and ran to the large wooden door. He slipped on his black
shoes and grabbed his gray backpack. Looking back, he grinned "Bye,
bye!" His grandmother waved sadly as the young boy walked out and went
to his living hell.

The older woman stood behind the wood door, her hand pressed against her
chin. A sigh escaped her lips.

Hollow slowly walked onto the grounds of the loud elementary school. He
blinked and stood frozen. He tugged lightly on the leg of his black
pants using his shoe. He hated school, ever since the second grade. He
was a shy young boy so it was hard to make friends. He was a lonely

"Hollow" The young woman said walking up, setting a delicate hand on his
small shoulder "It’s time to go inside" Hollow nodded and followed the
brown haired teacher inside.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked as they walked. "I'm okay..." He
said "I didn't want to come today; I have a bad feeling...” The teacher
patted his head, "You say that every day, Hollow. I'm sure everything
will be like normal" Hollow walked silently, knowing that was the answer
he was going to receive.

He sat quietly in the back of the room in his old and broken down desk
that had been vandalized 3 times in the past month. He watched his
pencil carve in lines along the white paper. The announcements rang
throughout the room just like every other day. He never found them to be
very exciting. Nothing that happened with the school ever interested
him, only because if anything fun did happen, the other kids never
allowed him to participate. Just let him watch on the sidelines.

They seemed to go on and on about this person did this; the school will
do this for the person that achieves the highest this. "Blah, Blah,
Blah" was all he heard, but one thing caught his ear.

"The king of Costavail and his daughter will be on campus today. Please
be on your BEST behavior, anyone who misbehaves will have severe

Even though the islands were separated by large seas, they are easily
accessible by plane or ship. The King of Costavail made it a point to
visit all the islands since his home island was the head of all the
others. The only one he didn't visit was Dionscanovela.

Dionscanovela was known was for its dangerous citizens and animals, dark
magic and dark living conditions. It was one of the richer islands; the
richest family was the de Bezarius family who was extremely dangerous if
you got on their bad side.

The one thing about that island was that no one left, and no one ever

Hollow raised his head at the mention of the princess. Rumor had it that
she was a beautiful young lady, full of grace and elegance. Some even
said she's more beautiful then both queens.

Hollow raised his hand and coughed silently "M-miss?" he said nervously
"Can I go to the restroom...?" The teacher turned towards him and smiled
"Sure." he shot up and ran out the door. He leaned against the wall next
to the door and sighed. He silently watched a small beetle crawl along
the gray tile.

"Hey freak!" Hollow lifted his head, knowing the insult was for him.
"H-Hi Jace..." Hollow said looking at the brown haired 5th grader, "Hi
Dosta..." He didn't even bother looking at the blond 5th grader.

The two older boys stood in front of him, "What are you doing here?"
Jace asked. "He was probably going to cry or something" Dosta responded.
The black haired fourth grader looked down "I was... going to the
bathroom...” "Nah" Dosta grabbed Hollow's bangs and pulled them up,
revealing both of Hollow's white eyes.

"He looks scared" Dosta laughed.
"I've never seen eyes like his" Jace scoffed
"Bet their contacts" Dosta took hold of Hollow's pale face and turned it
back and forth.

"Stop... touching me!" Hollow struggled against the other boys grip. The
older boy knocked him down and glared. "Why don't we find out how real
those eyes are?" Dosta reached out towards Jace "Give me that scalpel
you stole from class" The other boy handed it to him without any

Hollow sat frozen. He knew the boys were cruel but he never thought
they'd go so far to take his own eye out. He trembled and sat silently.

Dosta knelt down so he was eye level to the fourth grader. "You know,
maybe if you weren't such a freak, your parents would have never left on
the plane and died. If you weren't here, maybe they would be" He rose
the small knife above Hollow's right eye, and let it fall. But just
barely missing his eye, it took a giant slash from his cheek.

Hollow jumped up "Stop it!" he tried to run but Jace caught him just as
he had a chance to run. "Let go!" He swung his elbow back and smashed it
into Jace's face. The blunt force made the older boy cry out and release
Hollow, letting him dart away as fast as he could.

Hollow ran down the hall, his heart beat rising and rising with every
step. He could hear the older boys' angry voices down the hall, nothing
too pretty to listen to in Hollow's opinion. Tears ran down the young
boys face as he pushed open the large doors to the "Garden of Mirrors."
He ran out into the sunny courtyard and took deep breaths. His moment of
peace was broken by voices coming from his right.

Her blue eyes blinked up at him, her brown curls blowing in the small
breeze. "Hello?" She spoke softly.

"P-Princess?" Hollow bowed and stood still. She said no words, just
stood and watched him.

"Meladina!" The older man walked up behind her, setting a large hand on her
shoulder "Don't run off like that" He looked up and noticed Hollow,
"Were you making friends?"
Hollow froze as he heard Jace's and Dosta's voices from behind the door.
He backed up, fear running through his veins. Meladina trotted over, her
blue gown bouncing around her feet. "Are you scared?" He looked at her
softly as the doors burst open.

Hollow's head shot up and his eyes became wide, "Leave me alone!" Hollow
turned and ran across the grass field. The older boys were almost
shocked that he had gotten so close to the King and the princess, but
that didn't faze them in their pursuit.

Hollow looked back seeing how much of a head start he had. A branch
protruded from the ground, snagging onto Hollow's foot, and making him
fall to the hard earth with a hard thud. He took a deep breath,
realizing he could lose one of his unique eyes.

"Don't touch me!!" he shot his head back as the older boys got close,
tears running down his eyes. "W-What's going on with his face?" Jace
said stopping dead in his tracks. Hollow turned and looked in the
reflection of one of the many mirrors in the courtyard.

As a single tear fell, it turned pitch black and stained his skin as it
fell from the corner of his right eyes to his jaw.

"Daddy!" Meladina yelled, "It’s just like Lian's mark!" The king looked
up and stared at Hollow, not believing there could be a 7th mark.

"What’s wrong with you?!" Dosta yelled, "You were already such a freak
when you got here!"

Hollow covered his ears and stared at the pond "Go... Go drown! No one
needs you!" as he uttered those words, a heavy pressure was released and
the two older boys froze. "Just GO!" the two boys turned to the pond and
quietly started walking.

The king’s guards came up behind the crying Hollow, "Take him home" The
king ordered gently as he looked back at the pond "And stop those boys
from drowning themselves..."


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