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Spotify premium account also allows you to listen to any songs through any medium. 
Husband Wife Love Wazifa is something which requires lot of attention. And many precautions should be taken. Molvis are always there for your best.
2nd Story is about the last survivor of the Independence Culture (I). A Proto-Inuit civilisation who lived about 4000-3000 years ago.
old story I am posting because it's related to an old picture I posted.
This was my first NANOWRIMO - an attempt to write novel draft in  a month. It is rough in many ways, and I'm not sure I knew where I was going, but I still remember it fondly and would like to overhaul it someday. The idea began in my mind with images of a smoke-colored cat in rust-red autumn leaves, a snow white cat curled around a heart of shining cut glass in a palace tower, and the empty-eyed queen to whom the heart belonged...
Apsida is a Sputnik, a magician who can travel through time. However as compensation for this ability, she can never do anything important with her life.

There is one loophole, however--what is important to the world and to an individual on an emotional level is often very different.

Utilising this loophole, Apsida helps people in a way that only she as a time-traveller can do.

To the world what she does is insignificant. To the people she helps, it means the world.
 cat urn
He moves toward the garden
This is a song. It's not about toasters.

The first verse and chorus is sung by someone, the other verse and chorus is sung by someone else, the third verse is sung by the first person and the last chorus is sung by both.
Critique is much appreciated!
Ravens Whispering
She discovers the key to her dreams
Mary finds herself in a strange land after falling asleep on the bus. There she meets Grenville, the headless immortal knight with greet manners, among other strange and wonderful people...
The winds of time are changing. Ratheos, a young ranger sworn to secrecy, ventures into the heart of the country of Lamar. Darkness has been looming in the skies and it seems as if the world will soon be plunged into war.
Hollow always knew he was different, but when he meets the royalty from the other islands,they all quickly learn that the wrath of the gods has fallen on them and its now up to them to save the islands.
A panicked young girl must find her way out of this strange area, with the help of her newly aqquired skills yet to be discovered.
This is the preface to the fanfic I''m writing about two deviant art users raptorjaci and kitsuneodoom they''re not in the preface but will be in the rest of the story.

Slash will be coming laters C:
An orphan gets caught up in the Rebellion against the King. That orphan becomes a piece of the puzzle to find peace.
Have you ever been dancing, and you heard the bells ring? We implore you, never stop your dancing to look for the bells... if you do, you will die.
Basically this is a story about a family with three messed up kids with psycic powers. Its broken up into a few sections with at least three chapters per section. Each section is narrated by a different character. I hope you enjoy it.
Any words found in The Soldier, the Bar Maid and the Prince That people don''''t know the meaning to...just ask and i shall explain.
A very short story about a grieving, nostalgic woman who has recently buried her fetus.
It's part of my story, S.S.