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Chapter 1 - The Start

I wrote this to inform all you of how me and Dameon met.I will continue to add chapters as I finish writing them.

Chapter 1 - The Start

Chapter 1 - The Start
Chapter 1
The Start

"Mom, I'm going hunting!" I shouted "Okay dear, bring Toki along too,but remember
stay on our land and do not venture into the Wolf Village's area!" "Yes Mother! Come Toki,we are
hunting today!" Toki flew up to me and landed on my arm. You see, Toki is my eagle all the people
in my village, the Eagle Village, own at least one eagle. My father Okinoto, (O-kin-O-to) owns
five because he is the chief. Now that that is cleared up back to the story,I walked along the hunting path until I came to my favorite
clearing, the one with the apple tree in the middle. I said to Toki,
"Come on I'll race you to the top!" I threw my arm up in to the air as a sign to Toki that
he may fly now. He spread his wings
and gracefully,with two flaps, easliy landed on top of the apple tree. I quickly climbed up behind
him and said
"You ready to hunt?" He shook his head "No".
"Are you saying you made me come all this way for nothing?"I asked, him he shook
his head "No"
"Oh I know you want, the bear meat I saved for you last night?" I pulled a big chunk
of thick bear meat from the bag that hung
around my head.
"This is what you want isn't it?" He shook his head "Yes" and spread his wings,
almost knocking me from my branch
"Wow,that was a close one" I muttered "You have got to be more careful Toki! I said.
I then threw him the piece of meat.
"Toki,.." I started then I stopped, there was rustling in a bush in
front of us. I moved my head quietly toward Toki and whispered in
his ear,
"Go see what is down there!" He open his wings and slowly but powerfully glided down
to the ground in front of the bush, and I came down out of the tree. I slowly walked over to the
bush stood strait up and said
"Show yourself!" Then a scared little wolf pup with his tail between
his legs walked up to me and layed down.
"The poor little thing!" I said aloud
"Toki, stay here I am going to run back to the village to get him some food and
water, take him up to the top of thattree and watch him. I pointed to the apple tree. Then I started running toward my village and
"Maybe he is from the wolf village, I'll go there tommorrow." When I returned
to the clearing Toki brought down the pup and landed right in front of me he stood straight in
front of me and came eye level with me.
"Wow," I thought "Golden Eagles are really beautiful!
I looked in his eye and saw a girl, at first I thought it was me but then she started to yell
"Waku! Waku! Where are you? Oh, I'll have to go home soon! Please come out little
pup! Please? Where are you? Don't worry I'll come and look for you tommorrow! Bye!
"Wow, maybe I won't have to go to her village," I thought "I'll just stay here all day
tommorrow! I fed the pup the meat I had brought to him and he eagerly ate it up I took him to
the stream to drink then I took him to a little cave and said don't worry, I'll be back tommorrow!
I ran home and saved at least two pounds of meat. Later that night I told my Mother that I wanted
to walk around the outside of our hunting grounds so that I may become familiar with it. She
"That is a very good idea I suppose you will be gone a long time right?" I nodded
and she said that that is okay and that I can stay out for days if I want as long as I send Toki back with note
so that she can send me supplies.
"In the morning there will be a backpack with food and
other supplies in it and you are to take it with you.Good night Eve."
"Good night mom." I said. I when to sleep with a knowing that an adventure awaits me


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Yvette on June 26, 2008, 7:51:49 AM

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YvetteI think I wrote more but I lost it. LOL! Back t the drawing board, or should I say writing board!

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