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 If you want to have a good marital relationship with your partner then you can try dua for happy marriage. Dua for Nikah ceremony will help to make the Nikah process easy going procedure and you can enjoy your marriage happily. You can contact to our Islamic scholar Abdul Rihab Ji and get the dua for married couple.
I can't verify these facts, but it does give one something to think about!
I just thought up of this while I was doing one of my puzzles.
ummm.....this came..I think a few days after I wrote "The Weary Traveler" and this is based on the last chapter of the Bible...^^;
I wrote this to inform all you of how me and Dameon met.I will continue to add chapters as I finish writing them.
I wrote this after read Psalms.
time is almost out.
Espero que les guste mi version del Padre Nuestro... por favor no se vayan a sentir en algunas partes se habla mal de la religion... ^^;
In my life there have been many hardships. I found early on in my life that writing my emotions and thought on paper helped ease my pain. As I grew older and learned how to properly put these feelings into words, it became almost poetic melancholy.
well umm my friend was going thru a hard time and i wrote this for him. i=his faith was wavering and i hope it helps
Please read, it's how i feel
Who are you to think anything of yourself?
The Serpent is Wise, the Dove is Innocent. Two Prophets to usher in the new world...are completely different beings, yet completely the same.
The Sun is setting soon...
Life is full of prosperity and adversity, which is more destructive?
Trouble is on the horizon.
The Words of a Prophet: a warning unto the wicked...
Proverbs of a Prophet, that the wisdom of children should be increased.
Two People are Destined to be together...
just a poem that popped in my head... about how i felt my family.... well my grandma and anuties side...*sighs*