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Chapter 6 - Section 6

General Days Of Passion.
The FMA soap opera where everyone is OOC!
Get it? (GENERAL hospital, DAYS of our lives, and PASSIONs)

Chapter 6 - Section 6

Chapter 6 - Section 6
Part 6

Upon running into Wrath, Hawkeye did what was natural for her. She took him drinking. Partially because she hated being sober, and partially because she thought he needed a haircut. But since Wrath was not yet old enough to drink, she forced him to be the designated driver(even though he couldn't drive either). Wrath is 14.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Roy and Hughes ran into Ed and Al. Al was there because he kinda felt bad for what he did although Ed felt the worst. So Ed and Hughes had a long discussion about how to avoid getting kicked in the balls. Roy and Al just listened and absorbed the information that they knew they would need some day.

Once Al left the hospital, he passed Wrath and Hawkeye who were leaving a bar. Hawkeye looked incredibly drunk, and Wrath looked scared. When Al asked his half-brother what was wrong, Wrath explained to Al that he had to drive, and he didn't know how. So Al drove Riza home, even though he was only 15 and asked Wrath to tell him were Gluttony lived.

Since Wrath, Gluttony and all those other people work at Dantes gangster estate/shoe store, Wrath told him and Al went off to kill Gluttony(in Hawkeyes car). Gluttony died.

Pride was broke. He had used all of his money to pay for Envy and Barrys blackmail dinner. So he started a company. Actually he didn't start a company, he just went back to work for Dante. Since Dantes shoe store didn't pay very much, he also decided to work for the military as Fuhrer

Greed had a wonderful idea (oh god) he was going to find a large birdbath, and give it to Marta as a birthday gift. So while shopping, he ran into Ran-Fan, who was returning to the country... illegaly. She said she would custom make a giant birbath for him if he would stop possesing Ling. He agreed, and Marta had the worst birthday ever.

To be continued!!!


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