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Chapter 1 - summary of Glutanio

A story i started in 2006 and god knows when i'll finish it, i write it on microsoft word then type it on on here hope you like, please comment!
Amy xoxoxo

Chapter 1 - summary of Glutanio

Chapter 1 - summary of Glutanio

Summary of Glutianio

Glutianio is another world very much like our own, yet how our world is splt up into different contents Glutianio isn't its just one large plain of land, and it isn't spherical!. Its completely flat kind of hexagon shaped and the main area the royal city is calle Spikertion.

The people of Glutianio talk a COMPLETELY different language to us but this book has been translated so that people of earth can enjoy it!, the man currency of glutianio is Zark, one Zark is about the same as £50. How we have pounds (£) and Dollars ($) and Euros (but  dont have that key on my keyboard to tuff) they have Zark and the symbol for Zark is a capital Z thats fat at the top and thin at the bottom with a line through it that has a dot on top of it.

Anyhow in Glutianio witchcraft is very common, ogres have been wiped out along with most other mystical creatures thanks to king Mioe!, there are a few elves left but mostly halflings king Mioe has wiped out practicly everything eles, all that is left is the Grark beings (which mean the of old beings) basically the kinds that every kid finds in a story book. a few dwarfs and elves, mermaids and water nymphs its rearly quits sad!. Our main character is Aria a young girl who unbeknown to her is a halfling but not just any halfling!...
~Read on to find out more~


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