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Chapter 0 - Prologue

this one is about a princess. but dont just turn away that easily. i am proud of this idea and i hope this story will turn out very well.

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Chapter 0 - Prologue

Chapter 0 - Prologue
If there was ever a best time to visit the kingdom of Shade, today would have been the day. This day every year, the whole kingdom came out to celebrate the anniversary of the kingdom's birth. This was the day everyone was at their happiest and showed their best faces for the world to see.

Everywhere you would look, you would see the streets filled with people, and it is a great sight to see. This day especially attracted foreigners because of how great of a day this was. Not to mention, prices were really cheap this time every year in Shade.

When the main celebrations were taken place, the people got to be honored with the presence of their king, queen, and young princess. This was a special attraction, especially to the foreigners. Everyone had always heard about how great the king and queen were to their people. And, of course how cute and adorable little Princess Sofia was. The people of Shade loved their king and queen and could only hope their next rulers would be half as great.

However, the festivities stopped after that year, when something very strange had happened. The royal family were supposed to make their appearance 45 minutes before a soldier went inside the castle to see what was wrong. Most of the soldiers and castle staff had been allowed the day off to celebrate, so very few were inside the castle. But if something was wrong, someone would have normally informed the staff who were celebrating. This was very strange indeed.

When the soldier went inside to investigate, he was inside for about five minutes before he came running out. He whispered something to his captain, who then made an announcement that the festivities were over. Althoughg, he left everyone in the dark about exactly why until later that night, and only because a woman with a little boy had urged him to inform the people what happened to everyone who was in the castle. Her husband, and the father of the little boy, was inside, working as one of the soldiers all day, and she demanded he tell them what was goig on.

He gave in and informed the kingdom that the castle was almost completely empty. Almost everyone was gone, except for two people. Those two were the king and queen, and he told them with a sad face that although they were found, they were found dead. Everyone else, including Princess Sofia, were missing. They had absolutely no idea where they had gone, and there was no way of finding out unless one of them turned up.

The little boy, gripping to his mother's hand, started to cry. Although, he wasn't the only one. Most people in the crowd were, at the last, trying to hide their tears.

This day, which was supposed to be so joyful and happy, has now become a dreadful, miserable day.

She was trapped in her new "home," listening to how the people of the kingdom of Shade had taken the terrible news.

"I wish there was something I could do," she said. "I want to just go up there and get them to not worry so much. That even though their king and queen are dead, I'm still okay."

"You put too much on your own shoulders for someone so young," said Thar. "You shouldn't have to worry about that. And besides, you know you can't. There really is nothing you can do. Whether you go up there or not, its not going to make a difference."

"I know. This is just terrible, though," she responded. "And to think, that man is the cause of this. I always knew there was something wrong with him and he shouldn't be trusted. I just want to strangle him!"

"You have too much anger, too," Thar said. "You should just settle down."

"How can I when this just happened? I'm forced into isolation and the people are so sad. I should be able to do something about it..."

"I wish you could do something as well. I have a family that I should be able to protect. Although my duty as your care-taker comes first."

"I've always trusted you ever since I was just a baby, Thar, and I really appreciate your loyalty. But you really should escape and be with your family."

"I can't. Your safety comes first. My wife and son will be able to take care of themselves."

Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Don't worry. It'll all be okay some day,” said Thar.

“You can't promise that,” she said.

“I can tell you that it won't get very much worse, which makes the fact it has to get better.”


“Come on, Miss. You can't stay like this. You don't want him to see weakness in you, do you?”

“My age shows weakness...”

“Please don't be so down. You know I don't like seeing you like this.”

“You are so nice, Thar. But, I can't pretend to be something I'm not. Otherwise, I'll be on my way to being like him..." She looked at the ugly ceiling above her, her emotions changing to sudden anger. "I will do something eventually. If nothing else, I will get someone to help us get out of here and to destroy that evil man. I will make sure he receives the same exact respect he gave to my mother and father in the end."


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