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Chapter 3 - Sofia

this one is about a princess. but dont just turn away that easily. i am proud of this idea and i hope this story will turn out very well.

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Chapter 3 - Sofia

Chapter 3 - Sofia
She was literally thrown into her "room," landing in a way that she almost broke her leg. But she had become used to it in the past year.

She struggled to get up, so Thar came over to help her up. "You look really clean and taken care of," he said. "That's a little odd since you had just been away for about a week."

"I met a little boy," she said. "He took me to his house and his mom took care of me. They are very nice and wanted me to come back to visit soon."

"That's sweet," Thar said. "But, Miss Sofia, you probably shouldn't ever do that again. You should stay away from them if you don't want them to get hurt."

"Yeah, I know," Sofia replied. She brought her voice down to a whisper; you never know who's listening. "But next time, if I run into them, I'll make sure I know exactly what to do so they won't get hurt."

Thar looked confused.

"The royal family is able to use magic, aren't we?" Sofia smiled.

"Yes, I know, Miss Sofia," Thar said. "But how do you expect to learn it when you weren't taught?"

"Easy. I spy on him."

"With all due respect, Miss, how will that help you?"

"'If you kill someone of royal blood with your bare hands, you are then able to use their magic.' He told me about that the first time I got caught sneaking around. That's why he killed my parents. But I haven't gotten caught in a long time. I figured out one thing by myself. I can turn myself invisible."

As if having to prove to Thar that she wasn't lying, she turned invisible.

"See?" she said. "Easy." She reappeared, smiling.

"Just promise me you'll be very careful," Thar said. "The last thing I want to happen is for you to get hurt."

"I always am!" Sofia smiled, turned invisible again, and went out the door, past the guards, and down the hall.

He was almost always practicing magic. He stil hadn't gotten tired of it, although it had been over a year since he had become able to use it.

When she got to his room, sure enough, he was playing around with his magic.

She watched him carefully, but he just kept using the same spells over again. Ones that would be of no use to her. Figures. He's so destructive, he only practiced magic that could be used to kill people. She didn't really expect any less.

Sofia watched him for over a week, but still nothing useful was practiced. She was starting to give up.

Instead, she decided to do some exploring around. She snuck around a lot, but she had never actually realy explored around this place she hated so much.

She figured there wasn't really anything interesting. You wouldn't think so either if you were there, a place that's underground, damp, dark, and smells a lot like mildew.

But when she actually took a look around, she found quite a few interesting things. There was a room full of things he stole from teh castle, a lot of it actually being Sofia's toys and favorite belongings. She couldn't hlep but think he was a creep because of it.

There was also a huge library. Sofia absolutely adored books. Once she found this library, she found herself coming to it often. And, after looking around a bit, she also realized that the books were either books from the castle or books that absolutely had to have been his (There was no other person in the world who was as demented as him to have those books).

The majority of the books were dusty and seemed to not have been used in a long time. Although, there was one shelf that was hardly dusty, and it held a few books that weren't dusty at all. They were books Sofia had seen her father reading a lot. And when she looked closer, she saw the royal family's seal on it. Immediately, she knew these were the books she needed to go back to Krae's house without getting them into any harm.


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