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Chapter 4 - Another Escape

this one is about a princess. but dont just turn away that easily. i am proud of this idea and i hope this story will turn out very well.

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Chapter 4 - Another Escape

Chapter 4 - Another Escape
Because of the wonderful ability Sofia inherited from her parents, it was very easy to escape. All she had to do was make herself invisible, make sure not to run into any guards, and go out the only spot that wasn't underground. No matter now many guards he used, she was still always able to get out okay, especially since her knowledge of spells was pretty wide.

When she got to the opening, which was blocked off, she performed a spell she recently learned. Even when she was invisible, its not like she could just walk through solid objects, which was why she preferred to use the spider spell along with invisibility when escaping). Now, she no longer had to make sure no one was watching when she tried to leave this way. She just had to walk right through it.
When she reached the outside, she took in a long, deep breath. It felt so nice to smell fresh air instead of the gross combination of mildew, stone, and something else she didn't even want to know. Her lungs had felt as if they couldn't breathe at all while she was there, and it certainly didn't help that the longer she is there the worse it gets.

The scenery outside of her prison was actually very pretty. It was basically like a hidden grove with beautiful flowers. It seemed to always be green, even when it was really cold, and today was one of those days it decided to be really cold.

The kingdom of Shade was very peculiar when it came to the weather. It could be absolutely freezing one day then the hottest it has ever been the next. Most of the plants had gotten used to it, but this grove was different. It seemed to always be full of life. It had even been snowing and Sofia could see snow around the grove, but it seemed to just absorb into the ground without affecting the plants at all.

She was really happy it was so cold out because it gets so stuffy and hot in that place. She felt like she was as free as ever, especially with her knowing she had a refuge.

Even in the dark, she knew the exact way to where the main part of the kingdom was. She had escaped so many times before that, it was literally engraved in her mind.

She practically ran the whole way through the grove and the main market. Krae's house was only a minute or two from there. Sofia was careful to keep her concentration on the invisibility spell the whole time out here as well. She wanted to make sure she wasn't seen while performing the protection spell on Krae's house.

She found the spell very easy to perform, although its supposed to be a higher level spell. It didn't take very long to finish, either.

As soon as she finished it, she knocked on the door, turning visible again. When she stayed there before, she found out that Krae and Laura stayed awake for at least an hour after it became dark, and it had just started to become dark before she left, so she knew they would answer.

Krae was the one who answered the door. When he saw Sarah standing there, he became really happy and pulled her into a hug, practically dragging her into the house.

After he let go, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into a room down the hallway, Laura's room. “Sarah's here!” he said.

“Oh, good,” Laura said. “How have you been, Sweetie?”

”I've been okay,” Sarah said. Even though she had just escaped, she still looked as if she hadn't been taken care of in a day or two. Her outfit was a little dirty from walking through the woods. She was also pretty hungry. He liked to feed her mostly just scraps, what's left over from the meals he eats. And after she had eaten so much at Krae's house before, she had been hungrier than she had ever been in that prison.

Laura came over to Sarah and examined her. She looked at her dirty clothes and hair, and tried to figure out how much she had eaten recently. She sighed. “When was the last time you washed up?” she asked.

“A few days ago,” Sarah said. It was true. She hated washing up when she was in that place because the water was always cold. And she felt dirty and grimy even when she did wash up because the water didn't seem clean at all. It was gross.

Laura pushed Sarah into the bathroom and got a bath ready for her while Krae collected some things in the kitchen for Laura to cook for Sarah.

Sarah felt kinda bad when she was here, kind of like she was intruding in their house and taking their food. She knew they were just trying to help her, but she felt kind of bad. But, that was probably because they gave her the hospitality she hasn't received since that day. Of course, Thar was really nice and treated her with care as well, but there was only so much he could do.

She also felt bad leaving Thar. But he reassured her tons of times that he was okay. She had a feeling that he wasn't exactly treated well when she disappeared, though. She could probably change that.

That night, she was trying to go to sleep when Krae slowly and quietly walked into the room. He walked up to the bed and checked to see if she was awake.

“What is it, Krae?” Sarah asked, sitting up.

“I just wanted to check on you,” Krae said.

“There's something bugging you,” Sarah said. “You look sad.”

Krae seemed to become embarrassed. “I was just thinking about my dad.”

Sarah looked confused and somewhat interested. “What about your dad? I haven't ever seen him.”

“That's because he's not here.” Krae's expression became sad
Sofia looked concerned. “Where is he?”

“We don't know,” Krae answered. “Just like how we don't know where the princess is. My dad was a soldier who worked in the castle. His job was to take care of the princess.

Sarah was surprised. “R-really?”

Yeah. He disappeared with everyone else in the castle.”

Sarah could do nothing but sit there, wide-eyed. Sarah wanted so much to just tell Krae that she knew his dad, that he was okay. Sarah wanted to tell him who she really was. But Sofia wasn't exactly ready to tell him yet.

Sarah looked sad again. “I-I'm sorry.” She reached out and tightly hugged Krae. She could somewhat relate to him. After all, she lost her parents, just like how he lost his father. Although she knew exactly where all of them were, including Krae's father.


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