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Chapter 1 - Chapter One

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Chapter 1 - Chapter One

Chapter 1 - Chapter One
There she goes again, Sam thought. Of course, her sister had to flip out on Mom, again. And it was just because Mom wasn't gonna let her wear what she wanted for the Halloween party they have at their house every year.

“I don't care what you want to wear,” Mom said. “You are not wearing that outfit!”

“You shouldn't have to tell me what I wear to the party!” Shannon yelled back. “It should be my choice, not yours!”

“That outfit is most definitely one of the most insane outfits I have ever seen. You can not wear that!”

Sam heard her sister yell something back, but she drowned out most of the noise with her headphones. This happened practically every day. Shannon always had to get mad at Mom for something. Whether it was because she was hanging out with her group of insane friends, or she was wearing an insane outfit. Sam agreed with Mom; Shannon did practically anything insane. And then, she had to go and flip out, when its her fault in the first place.

Sam at least listened to Mom. That's why she never got in trouble with her. She had a group of completely sane friends, wore clothes that looked very nice on her, and still fit the “sane” category, and not to mention, she was popular.

Although, with her older sister, she doubted she would have ever been popular. Shannon was the most unpopular girl in school. But, the fact that Mom was rich helped with the popular factor. And the fact that her older brother was, according to a lot of the girls in school, hott.

Sam was only one year younger than Shannon. Although, they looked nothing like sisters. Mom was “a bit on the wild side”, as she likes to put it, when she had all three of them. Shannon and their brother, Sean had the same father. They were twins, and they looked a lot alike. Shannon was actually very pretty, but if only she was just a little bit different, she would be popular.

If Sam wasn't Sean's sister, she has to admit that she would probably want to date him. He had jet black hair, vibrantly bright green eyes, and a beautiful face. Shannon's hair was more of a really dark brown, but her eyes were a green, almost as bright as Sean's. Although her face shape is exactly the same as Sean's. Sam has examined it tons of times, but she can't find any difference. As for Sam, her hair was dirty blonde, with boring brown eyes. Although, she has to say, she got a pretty good face shape as well.

Sometimes Sam kind of wished her father was around. She never met him. Of course, her sister and brother never met their father either, but she still wished she could have known her own father. All they had was Mom. No step-dad, no Mom's boyfriend, just Mom. Not that she was a bad Mom. In fact, she was a very good Mom. She just demanded order. Which Shannon had absolutely no sense of.

Sean was very quiet, unlike Shannon. If Mom thought he was wearing something insane, he at least sometimes changed his clothes. Other times, he would just ignore it, but he wouldn't talk back. Which makes him so much cooler than he already was. Everyone thought of him as a rebel. Okay, if Sam wasn't his sister, she would want to date him.

But, the one flaw Sean had, was hanging out with Shannon's friends. Shockingly, Sean and Shannon actually got along pretty well, and he was always hanging out with her and her friends. If only he had his own group of friends, ones that weren't as insane as Shannon's, then he would be absolutely perfect. But, oh well. You can only have so much.

Finally, Shannon stopped arguing with Mom and slammed her door shut down the hall. Even though they were rich and had a very big house, and the hallway was very long, with Sam's room on one end and Shannon's on the other, she could still very clearly hear the door slam shut.

It was only a few minutes later that she heard Shannon's door open again, then there was a knock on the door next to Sam's room, and Shannon asking Sean if he wanted to go out somewhere with their friends.

Of course. She always hangs out with her insane friends when her and Mom argue. Which meant she was hardly ever in the house. It was ridiculous.

After Sam heard Sean and Shannon leave, she turned on the intercom in her room. "If you didn't know already," she said to every room in the house, "Sean and Shannon just left." It was so much easier to find someone with the intercoms than to search the whole house.

"Thanks for the memo," Mom said back. "Is it time for another guilt-free shopping spree with my favorite child?"

"You bet!" Sam answered. "Just give me like twenty minutes to change and put on makeup."

"I'll be waiting downstairs."

It really does take Sam at least twenty minutes to get ready. She decided to wear a white miniskirt, her yellow tank top, and her favorite pair of white flip-flops. So what if it was only spring? Today was chilly, but Sam doesn't get cold very easily.

They left as soon as possible, since they didn't know when Sean and Shannon would get home. They called it "guilt-free shopping spree" because it rhymed and sounded cool, and because they don't have to feel guilty about not bringing Sean and Shannon with them. Just Sam and Mom time, without the brat or her follower.

"Your sister tried telling me again that I shouldn't let you dress the way you do," Mom said in the car on the way to the mall.

"Figures," Sam said. "She's always trying to tell you that. Her head is messed up. She has to get it in the right place. I mean, look at that garbage she wears! Its disgusting!"

"I've told her time and time again that there is nothing wrong with looking beautiful and that she should try to as well."

"Exactly! She should try on some of my clothes. I bet you she would look better than me in my clothes."

"Honey, no one can look better than you. You're gorgeous."

Sam smiled and flipped her hair behind her shoulder with her hand. "I know." Sam thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Even prettier than Shannon, who was shockingly beautiful.

The thing that made Sam so mad, even more than Shannon did, is when her friends make plans without her. They were her friends, the ones that she always hangs out with. She felt really left out if the group made plans without her. She was basically like their leader anyway, so it was just wrong.


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