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Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

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Chapter 2 - Chapter Two

Chapter 2 - Chapter Two
I can't believe Mom! There she goes again, telling me what I'm supposed to wear! I can't believe she isn't yelling at Sam to change what she's wearing! She looks like a hooker!

All I wanted to wear was a cute angel outfit. The skirt goes down to the knees, the top is a long-sleeved v-neck, and then just wings, everything with sparkles.

As for Sam, she's wearing a skimpy little outfit. She's always wearing skimpy little outfits, even in the winter. She wears really short skirts and shorts, and she wears really tight shirts, most of the time disobeying the school dress code. But, she gets away with it because she's a suck up to the principal and a teachers pet. So, no matter if her boobs are hanging out of her shirt or not, she still gets away with dressing like a tramp.

Mom's head is most definitely in the wrong place. Although, Sam agrees with her on everything. The popularity just got to her head. The last thing I want is to be popular. I just want to live a good life, get a good job, and get enough money to take care of myself and my future family. That is it. I could care less about the popularity.

Sean pretty much agrees with me too. He is just a lot more calm about it. He doesn't get into arguments with Mom like I do. I am trying to convince Mom that she shouldn't let Sam dress like that. But she believes there is nothing wrong with “trying to look beautiful.” Although, apparently there is something wrong with “trying to hide beauty.” So what if I don't want to dress like a hooker? I just want to dress reasonable, while still looking nice. If I have a low-cut shirt, I wear a shirt under it. There is no problem with that.

I slammed the door as I entered my room, knowing that Sam was probably sitting on her bed, listening to music to drown out all the noise, and inwardly complaining about how much of a troublemaker I am, and how Sean shouldn't hang out with me and my friends.

Out of all the things that I hate about Sam, the thing I hate the most has to be the fact that I know she wants to date Sean, when he is her half-brother. I don't care if he doesn't have the same father as her, we all have the same mother and that makes us all biologically connected and just her thinking about how she wants to date him makes me so angry. Its a good thing that Sean hates incest, and also that Sam isn't his type.

Although, Sam is one of those girls with the mindset that everyone loves her. She thinks all the girls want to be her, and all the guys want to have sex with her. Okay, so she has a kinda nice body, kinda big boobs, and blonde hair. But that doesn't mean that everyone is envious of her. I know for a fact that Mom let her get her boobs done. They are a size C, but naturally, they are an A. Not to mention she's a twig, just like Mom. Which makes those C-cups look horrible on her. It makes me wanna puke.

Even better, it makes me wish that I could pop one of them. Just one. That way, one will be tiny and one will be big. I would love to see her try wearing tight shirts after that. No amount of tissues will be able to make her boobs look right. I would laugh my @$$ off.

Not to mention, she is only fifteen! I can't believe she is worrying about what she
looks like. I just ignore her though. It doesn't matter. She wants to be like that, so let her be like that. Let her turn into a stripper. Its her choice, and I will stay out of it.

After I got into my room, I called my best friend, Tara, and we made plans to hang out with the gang. Even though I may be very unpopular, I still have a decently sized group of friends.

I changed my shirt really quick, and within only a few minutes after entering my room, I headed down the hall to ask Sean if he wanted to tag along. As usual, he agreed to come along and he walked out of his room.

I think he agrees to come along all of the time because, although I'm not quite sure I'm right, I believe he has a gigantic crush on one of my friends, Rachel. Every time he is around her, he becomes so much more talkative than he normally is and tries to be around her a lot. I think I've even seen him blush a few times around her as well. I think she has a big crush on him too. I know I shouldn't think this because Sean is my brother and Rachel is one of my closest friends, but I think it would be so cute if they started dating. Rachel, who is almost the exact opposite as Sam, is definitely Sean's type.

We decided to just hang out at the local shopping center. There were two other guys in the group, but they never minded going shopping with us girls. Especially since the shopping center also had plenty of food stores.

It seemed like every time we were all hanging out, Sean seemed to be a bit more magnetic to Rachel. Yep, he definitely has a crush on her. And an even bigger one than what I would have thought.

I was actually shocked to see Alex, one of Sam's best friends there. He was just there, hanging out by himself. I found it kind of odd.

When he saw me, he walked over and said, “Hey. What's up?”

“Umm...” I said. “Nothing.”

“Sorry I just kind of popped up out of nowhere,” he said, after a minute or two of silence. “I know it must be weird for one of your sister's friends to just randomly come up and say hi to you, but I thought it would be rude not to. Plus I'm probably the only friend your sister has that isn't stuck up. I actually think you guys are pretty cool.” He smiled, somewhat nervously.

I was completely taken aback. Alex always seemed really sincere and I didn't take him for a liar at all. In fact, I've always had an excellent knack for telling when someone is lying or not, no matter how good they are at lying. “Umm... Its okay,” I said, too shocked to be able to say anything else. Sean looked really shocked too. I'm pretty sure everyone else was shocked as well.

“Sometimes I even wonder why I'm friends with her...” Alex said. Yet again, he seemed completely sincere. His face even seemed to look a bit sad. “I know its not for popularity. I don't care about that. She just... I don't know. She just randomly decided that I was part of her little posse of girly girls. The truth is, I would much rather hang out with you guys...”

I was still even more shocked. One of Sam's friends is actually admitting to me, in front of my group of friends, that he wants to hang out with us, and not Sam? It was really shocking! You know the world is ceasing to exist as you knew it when one of your popular sister's friends admits to you, the dorky, extremely unpopular sister, that he wants to hang out with you. Either that, or we were all going crazy.

"Well then why do you hang out with her?" Sean said.

"I don't know," Alex said. "She just drags me along everywhere. I would feel bad if I just went up to her one day and told her I wasn't gonna hang out with her group anymore. Besides, I don't have any actual friends. They are the closest thing I have to friends... I don't know why she chose me as part of her posse."

All I could think was, Wow. My incredible lie detector that was implanted in my head when I was born wasn't picking up anything. And, although he didn't know why she "chose him as part of her posse," I could tell very clearly just by looking at him. This kid hadn't even turned fifteen yet, but I even thought myself that he was really cute. And I know that Sam and her friends are the types of girls who love to have really cute boys around them, so they would naturally take any cute boy they can and have them become part of their group.

"Um," Alex said, seeming to be a bit unsure if he should say something he wanted to. His face even seemed to turn a bit red. "W-would it be okay if um... If I h-hang out with y-you guys today?" He was most definitely blushing by now.

"Sure!" Tara said, seeming a bit mad. "Let's just let him hang out with us so that he could go and tell your lovely little sister things that could embarrass us."
Alex seemed to be hurt by this.

I walked over to Tara and whispered in her ear, "I'm not picking up any lies from him." She knew how good I was at telling lies from the truth.

"Well then its being defective!" she whispered back. "We shouldn't trust him!"

"Tara, he's fine. Trust me."

"Its not that I don't trust you. I just don't trust him. Any friend of your sister's has to be scum."

By now, Alex seemed to think that it was useless asking in the first place to hang out with us, and he started to walk away. But, I walked back over to him, grabbed his arm, and pulled him back with the group.

"Of course you can hang out with us!" I said with a large smile on my face.


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