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Chapter 2 - all your krabby patties r belong 2 us

this is soposed to be spongebob mixed with starfox. its been one of my top 3 animated shows since 2003.

Chapter 2 - all your krabby patties r belong 2 us

Chapter 2 - all your krabby patties r belong 2 us
it was a thursday night, spongebob was having some trouble gettin'' to sleep and was trying to fight amsonya by playing reading the journal that belonged to his father. the next day, genral pepper gave him a misson to save the planet of splogdur which was entirely populated by rats and turtles. how ever, spongebob teamed up with prinsess sandy acorn. plankdross was back from the dead and un fortionaly, he was very, very, FAT!patrick was there too, but he had to face his robot rival, mechapat! a robot replica of patrick! so spongebob and sandy started beating up all the robots (sent by plankdross of course) so then the mutant ground hog showed up and started eating all the turtles!spongebob grabbed out his lightsabre and tryed to kil the groundhog thingie, while the battle between pratrick and mechapat continues! suddenly, mechapat sliced off both arms of patrick! all hope was lost! infact, mr.krabs whent to the death tank (the place were plankdross was hiding) and plankdross chopped off mr. krabs''s and one of his arms! all hope was defenetly lost! lost like the family who went outside our solar sytem in that movie! (lost in space) but then, up from the sky, came a yellow hedgehog with nine spikes on the top of his head and a mysterious overbite, blasted a sonic boom across the planet which made all the robots dissinagrate including mechapat! after that, mr.karbs and patrick got robotic limbs!


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