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Chapter 1 - A Mysterious figure

A mysterious figure watches over crocodile city planning it's demise. people have claimed they seen the figure but only glimpses. it's spread around the school and gets to croc and destiny.the people ask croc if he could check it out. he does. but what's he gonna do about that cold of his?

Chapter 1 - A Mysterious figure

Chapter 1 - A Mysterious figure
        It was dark, very dark, pitch black really. Not only was it dark it was quiet and it was raining. Thunder flashed in the distance and you could see a glimpse of a figure. the figure stood on a cliff watching the city known as Crocodile city. the figure watched with hatred and rage in his eyes. he stood cloaked in his raggedy cape. it coverd his face and mouth. he clentched his fists tightly. drawing blood from his palm. "they will die..they will all die under my hands..." he said coldly (anyone know bankostsu from inuyasha? you all know his voice right? Matt Hill i beleive is the voice actor, well pretend that this is the voice for this character) The thunder flashed once more and the figure was gone...
        The very next day. the ground was wet and puddles were scattered all over the place. Trees dripped with water. and the sky was blue. some dark clouds lingered from the past storm. The sun being covered by them. So it wasn't as bright as it normally would be. "Croc!" called a voice. Croc Takayama stood. his black school uniform on. the front partly opened showing his white shirt underneathe, his hands shoved in his pockets and his back pack on his back, he turned towards Destiny, a black wolf furrie. On the top of her head to her neck was brown hair. she had bright green eyes. her black bushy tail waved behind her has she ran. She stopped in front of him. She too wore a uniform but it wasn't what you'd expect it to be, a skirt with a white shirt nu uh she wore black pants with a long sleaved shirt that had a heart right in the middle. Her back pack held in one of her hands. "You haul your scalie tail back to the house right now!" she demanded. Croc just looked away and snorted. " What for?" Destiny sighed and poked croc in the nose...or snout..w/e.. "you're sick! you can't go to school when you're sick!" Croc just pushed her hand away. " so. it's just a cold...not like it's gonna do anythin..." Destiny just looked at him like he was stupid. "It's gonna get worse if you don't do anything about it!" Croc shrugged not really caring. "i'll be fine." he turned and started walking down the street. Destiny was gonna say something but decided against it and followed him. "sooner or later he's gonna learn to listen to me"


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Nekoyasha12 on September 16, 2006, 1:54:26 PM

Nekoyasha12 on
Nekoyasha12please write more!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
I'm REALLY ankshes to know what will happen next!!!! PLEASE????????????????????


crocdragon89 on September 16, 2006, 1:14:04 PM

crocdragon89 on
crocdragon89short i know...the other chapters will be longer.....

crocdragon89 on September 16, 2006, 1:14:29 PM

crocdragon89 on
crocdragon89remember i'm not a writer i'm an artist...