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Chapter 1 - The Concert and A bad Cyborg

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 1 - The Concert and A bad Cyborg

Chapter 1 - The Concert and A bad Cyborg

Scene Set: You see the Titans living room and there is Cyborg playing video games looking depressed.

Star: *to Robin* Cyborg is lacking the booyas and not behaving in his normal manners…Robin? What is wrong?

Rob: He's just sad that Lilly hasn't called.

Rav: *just walking in* Is Cyborg still sad about his girlfriend?

Cy: No… I'm not sad because I have a new one, and she hasn't called.

Rob: Cy this is cheating… Lilly will call soon.

Cy: I don't care I like this girl better.

BB walks in looking as happy as Starfire if Robin would ask her out.


Rob: The Girls In Red! They rock!

Star: Robin. Who are these girls in red?

Rob: A huge band! They base some of their songs on us or our adversaries.

Star: Oh! That is coolness correct?

Rob: Yeah.

Cy: How many tickets are there?

BB: 7! One for me, one for Star, one for Robin, one for Raven, one for Cyborg one for Terra and an extra!

Cy: Can Abby have the ticket?

BB: Who's Abby?

Cy: My girlfriend.

BB: I thought Lilly was your girlfriend.

Cy: Well she isn't anymore.

BB: Well here's the ticket.

Cy: Thanks! *Grabs ticket and kisses it*

BB: Weird. Even for me.

Doorbell: Ding-Dong.

Cy: Oh that must be Abby!

Abby: Hey! What's up!

Cy: How are ya!

Abby: Cool baby how `bout you!

Cy: Chillin'

Abby: Cool!

Star: *looks at the happy couple and starts to sob but quickly pulls herself together and tells herself that Robin does love her.

Rob: The concerts soon we should go…

Cy: O.K, Robin you'll have to take Star my car needs room for Abby.

BB: C'mon you guys we don't want to miss their first concert!!!!

Cy: O.K lets go.

On Robin's motorcycle.

Star: Robin the destination of reach is soon approaching, correct?

Rob: Were almost there.

Star: Robin…I wish to stop. *thinks* Wait! You must not tell him!

Rob: O.K...

They stop near the park and Starfire sits on the bench.

Rob: Star are you O.K?

Star: Physically yes….

Rob: Star, if something is wrong you can tell me.

Star: Robin… when I met you, you were serious and Slade was the only thing on your mind…still I found you…interesting and I realized that I really….

Rob: Love you?

Star: *nods head in shame looks at Robin and says* I'm sorry…I'm so foolish…you probably don't feel…

Rob: Starfire, this is hard for me to say but I love you too.

Star: *With big sparkly eyes and little hearts floating around her* really?

Rob: Really.

They lean in to kiss.

Cy: Hey get a room! HAHAHAHAHA! See ya at the concert!

Rob: Ummmm lets go.

Star: agreed.

They drive off

To Be Continued…………………………………….


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RaexBB_72sol on December 21, 2005, 8:18:36 AM

RaexBB_72sol on
RaexBB_72solYAY! StarxRobin. Great chapter!

terry_titanqueen on December 4, 2005, 10:48:41 PM

terry_titanqueen on
terry_titanqueenhahahaha!!!! thats great!!!!

Nightbird on November 28, 2005, 6:14:28 AM

Nightbird on
NightbirdOooh! kissy kissy goo goo! LOL! Just joking! Any way great story.

cyborggirl on November 28, 2005, 4:19:57 AM

cyborggirl on
cyborggirlWill Robin and Star ever kiss? Who knows? MUHAHAHAHA!!!