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Chapter 4 - Robin and Star, Lilly Godess

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 4 - Robin and Star, Lilly Godess

Chapter 4 - Robin and Star, Lilly Godess

Lilly: I know that that was embarrassing but….

Bee: Are you kidding that was hilarious!

Aqua: Yeah! That is some quality footage

All Titans look at the Titans East with the angry mark

Speed: So Robin have you and Star, you know, tied the knot *nudges Robin with elbow*

Rob: It's none of your business

Star: *looking crushed* You mean we are not the boyfriend and girlfriend?

Rob: Umm…

All of the Titans and Titans East gather round to see what Robin will say.

Rob: Star can I talk to you in private?

Star: yes

Robin takes Star's hand and leads her into the hall

Star: Robin…I do not understand, why do you not want to be the couple?

Rob: Star, I'm not good at sharing my feelings but….I don't want anyone who I'm attached to get hurt.

Star: Robin…I…still do not understand.

Rob: Star if you want to understand me you must take off my………..mask.

Star: But Robin if I do then I won't see you the same.

Rob: That's kind of the point.

Star peels of Robin's mask revealing sapphire eyes, the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen.

Star: Robin…why do you hide your eyes when they are so beautiful.

Rob: because

Lilly slams through the door

Lilly: *looking happy as ever and trying to embarrass them* So have you two…

Lilly sees Robin's eyes looks mortified and suddenly begins to shiver.

Lilly: Oh my head…

Lilly holds her head as Robin quickly puts his mask back on. Lilly looks into Starfire's eyes looks even more scared than before and begins to hyper ventilate

Rob: Lilly! Are you O.K?

Lilly: I have to go…

Lilly dashes out of the room only to walk into Cyborg

Cy: *noticing that she's acting weird* Lilly are you feeling alright?

Lilly looks into Cyborg's eye and begins to have mini seizure

Cy: Lilly!?

Lilly runs out of the room tripping all over herself

Rob: Follow her we need to find out what's wrong

Lilly: Runs and see Raven. Raven turns and sees Lilly. Lilly sees Raven's eyes and starts to cry uncontrollably

Rav: Lilly what's wrong?

Lilly turns to Raven and looks at her with a deep terror and runs off. Lilly Runs into Beast Boy and sees his eyes.

BB: Lilly?

Lilly: Ah…souls…dreams…despair

Lilly now falls to the ground still crying and all, she gets up and runs into Terra sees her eyes and runs into the crime lab.

Terra: BB what's wrong with Lilly?

BB: I don't


Rob: Lilly you need to come out!


Abby: What's going on?

Rob: Well I took of my mask and Lilly saw my eyes

Abby: You're unmasked eyes!? This is bad I have to go get her.

Rob: What? Why?

Abby: I just do.

Rob: Why?

Abby: *Seeing something behind Robin* Wha-whats that!?

Some ghostly white figures float down

Spirit 1: Lilly saw the eyes of pain

Spirit 2: She needs to find her power

Spirit 3: For if she doesn't win this game

Spirit 4: There will be disaster.

One of them comes down looking creeped out

Spirit 5: Oh cut the crud you guys, we need to help her…you're the Titans right?

Titans: yeah.

Spirit 5: When she gets out of there you have got to help her on her journey.

Cy: What journey?

Spirit 5: She must get the rest of her essence powers to become goddess.


Spirit 5: Goddess of the essences so she can take the throne before Mark.

All: MARK!?

Spirit 5: Mark and Blackfire are taking over the essence planet she must get her powers to stop them and assume the throne.

Cy: If she becomes queen will she be able to see us?

Spirit 5: Sadly no…but when she turns 20 she will be looking for a king

Cy: Perfect!

Spirit 5: The Titans must go with her though

Titans: You got it!

Spirit 5: Good I wish you luck on your journey!

To Be Continued……………………………………………………….


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RaexBB_72sol on December 4, 2005, 6:48:04 AM

RaexBB_72sol on
RaexBB_72solThat wasn't stupid at all I loved it. It was also a little fuuny when, Quote: "Lilly looks into Cybog's eye and begins to have a mini seizure."
A mini seizire, that was hilarious, but very sad at the same time.
You're a great writer. Keep it up. Can't wait to find out what happens next! =) Awsome story, Ilove it! :) This story is going onto my faves! ;)

cyborggirl on December 2, 2005, 6:24:33 AM

cyborggirl on
cyborggirlYeah stupid to the max but I'll try to do better