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Chapter 6 - The Flower Realm

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 6 - The Flower Realm

Chapter 6 - The Flower Realm

The Titans land on the Essence planet.

Mas: Ai

Menos: Crumba!

They look around and you see gray grass black trees without leaves flowers that are wilted and white. The sky is a nauseating dark green

Lilly: No…

Cy: What is it?

Lilly: This is the flower realm and everything is dying…

Lilly tenderly picks up a flower in her hand. Gingerly she touches it and a petal falls off.

Lilly: When I was here as a little girl…when I lived here…the sky was blue the grass green and all the flowers looked like a rainbow across the field.

Speed: Well this place is a dump

BB: Yeah

Lilly: That's because evil has taken over, Mark must already be on the throne

Suddenly a small child comes out of nowhere she is wearing a pale orange dress with a dead flower behind her ear.

Child: Goddess Lilly…you have returned.

Lilly: Petal, did Mark and Blackfire do this?

Petal: Yes they have taken Flora she is in the castle being held captive by one of their soldiers, Fred.



Lilly: Laugh if you want but if Fred decides to kill Flora the Flower Goddess all the plants here and on every planet will die!

Aqua: Oh

Speed: Sorry…

Lilly: C'mon we need to go get her.

They run off to a castle. The castle is dark and creepy.

BB: Umm I'll stay behind.

BB now hides behind Robin

Rob: We can't if you don't help you'll have to *gives BB a dire look* eat meat.

BB: Eeep! O.K, O.K I'll go

They enter the castle

Fred: Who dares try to enter the castle of doom?

Lilly: Me… first off it's the castle of flowers, second we're gonna kick you're butt if you don't let Flora go and third…I never thought you would defy your own queen.

Fred: *comes out of the shadows he is big and fat with a raggedy shirt and very baggy pants* Well the queen never helped my family when we needed it most.

Lilly: But I did now let Flora go.

Fred: No she was an awful queen.

Lilly: You're forgetting the only reason why she didn't help you was because you and your family were criminals and in jail!

Fred: That is why I serve Blackfire she knows what's it's like to be in jail. HIYA!

Fred swings at them. Robin opens fire at him with his exploding discs. Speedy comes from behind and shoots some arrows which are crushed by Fred. Fred then swings again at Bee and Terra who were coming to help Robin and Speedy. Star and BB go in to attack with Aqua Lad in front. Fred takes his enormous hands a simply pushes BB and Aqua Lad out of the way. Star and Lilly are the only ones left. Fred looks at Star and suddenly topples over.


Star: What is the it?

Lilly: You! Since you are my friend and you retrieved a crystal for me… wait what color was that crystal?

Star: I believe the color of orange.

Lilly: Star do you see that Lady up there?

Lilly points to a Lady in a bright orange dress. The lady has Green hair and yellow skin yet is very pretty.

Lilly: I'm going to get her free you must defeat Fred and sit on that throne behind him.

Star: Why?

Lilly: When you sit on the throne the power of flowers will go into my body completing the first part of the quest and saving all the plants on earth.

Star: O.K

Star lunges into battle Fred seizes her and takes her in his hands. Star then kicks him backwards making him fall. Then stomps on him making him go unconscious. Lilly is trying to untie the knots from the unconscious lady know as Flora. The knots come free and the lady wakes up.

Flora: Lilly thank goodness you are back! Where have you been? We were worried!

Lilly: Flora I came to become goddess

Flora: It's about time

Back to Starfire you see run to the throne she sits down and hundreds of flowers come out and go into Lilly's body Star also gates a flower crown on her head

Flora: Look! Out the window!

All the Titans now awake and seeing the commotion look out the window and you see Petal playing in a field full of every flower imaginable.

Petal: Goddess Lilly! The field is beautiful again!

Lilly: I'm glad

Flora: Say Lilly *looks at her with squinty eyes* any one of these fine men your King, by chance?

Lilly: *Hugging Cyborg* this one is!

Flora: Very nice to meet you I see that sending Lilly to earth was a good idea.

Rob: Yeah she's a member of the Titans

Petal: Mommy! I wanna be a Titan to!

Flora: But dear you're only eight.


BB: Are you done yet?


BB: Tell you what we'll make you a Titan but…

Petal: *sniff* but, but what?

BB: You have to stay here and take care of the…..*whispers to Lilly* um which realm is this?

Lilly: The flower realm

BB: Right the flower realm!

Petal: Really?!

Rob: Really

Robin hands her the communicator and her face instantly lights up.

Petal: Thank you!

Flora: Lilly you must hurry to the fire realm at once! I sense a solider….Fay!

Aqua: Another stupid solider name

Lilly: Quit it

Speed: He's right though

Lilly: Fay is the solider of Illusion she'll make illusions that are so real you can feel them she is very dangerous.

Speed: Says you

Lilly whacks Speedy over the head with a vine

Cy: Whoa! How did you make a vine out of your hand?

Lilly: I now control the flower essence since Star happens to now be duchess of the flower realm.

Star: What do you mean?

Lilly: If anything happens to me you can either rule the flower realm or give you power to someone who will do it for you.

Star: Is that why I am wearing the crown of flowers?

Lilly: Precisely

Terra: Can we go kick Fay's butt now please?

Lilly: Yeah. Robin will you please.


To Be Continued…………………………………………………………..


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Nightbird on December 21, 2005, 8:36:14 AM

Nightbird on
NightbirdI guess she's her own worst credic I think most people are. I love it great chapter!

RaexBB_72sol on December 19, 2005, 8:04:32 AM

RaexBB_72sol on
RaexBB_72solWhy do you say your chapters are bad when they are far from it. You are an awesome writer and I can't wait to find out what happens next. =) :) ;)

Froze8 on December 12, 2005, 5:35:50 AM

Froze8 on

terry_titanqueen on December 11, 2005, 10:51:14 PM

terry_titanqueen on
terry_titanqueensweetness of alll sweetness my buddy!!! i love the way u can write i still can't think of what to make a story over!!! ahhhhhhhhhh.... your so good at it!!!!!!!!! *-*

terry out

cyborggirl on December 11, 2005, 9:33:50 PM

cyborggirl on
cyborggirlSorry it's bad...... I mean this one bites a big one...