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Chapter 7 - The Fire Realm

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 7 - The Fire Realm

Chapter 7 - The Fire Realm

At the Fire realm you see not fire but solid black rocks and black mountains also a gray sky.

Lilly: Oh no…..

Speed: Let me guess this place used to be filled with fire.

Lilly: Yes… not even a flame still stands

Fay: That would be because of me.

Lilly: Fay! Traitor!

Fay: Oh come now Lilly, just because you are my sister doesn't mean I have to side with you.

Star: She is your sister?

Lilly: My younger one.

Cy: That is really weird

Fay: Oh contraire! You see Blackfire and I are very lucky to have each other we both have goody two shoe sisters.

Star: What is a goody two shoe?

Bee: We'll explain later

Fay: There won't be a later!

Fay launches some kind of darkness at the Titans and they are each hurled into a black vortex except for the Titans East who pass out.

Lilly: *waking up* Where am I? *stands up looks down at herself she is wearing a blue checkered dress* This dress…

Lilly's Dad: Hey baby! How are you today?

Lilly: Daddy?

Lilly's Dad (I will be referring to him as Dad now): Of course who else would it be?

Mom (Lilly's Mom): * to Dad* Hi honey! *to Lilly* Hello…daughter

Lilly: Mom?

Mom: Who else! Listen your sister is going to be a model! Ha unlike some ugly daughters of mine.

Dad: For the last time just because Fay may be prettier doesn't mean you can put Lilly down! She is our first child and air to the throne.

Mom: Well that is about to change *pulls out knife*

Lilly's Mom stabs Lilly's Dad killing him she then smiles and approaches Lilly

Mom: Say goodbye Lilly

Lilly: No! Mom stop!

Mom: I will never

Lilly: This is just like before…my life…Fay…Fay! It's an illusion! I'm not afraid anymore! Not afraid!

Lilly is thrown out of the portal she sees Cyborg, BB, Star and the Titans East all awake fighting Fay.

Lilly: Where's Robin?!

Cy: He hasn't come out of the vortex!

Lilly: Stay here I'll get him

Fay: No you won't! He's the Prince of the Fire Realm he will not give you my power!

Lilly runs through the portal dodging Fay's bolt of fire.

In Robin's Dream

Dick: Richard! C'mon were about to perform!

Mary: C'mon honey you love doing this

Rob: Mom? Dad?

Mary: Of course now come on my little Robin time for the show!

Rob: What show?

All three step out into center ring and begin to do their act except Robin.

Suddenly one of the bars snaps and Robin's parents come tumbling down hit the ground and die. Lilly standing from the sidelines sees this and runs to Robin who is crying.

Lilly: Robin! It's an illusion! Don't be swayed by it!

Rob: Mommy! Daddy! Don't leave!

Lilly: Robin…this happened before. They're gone.


Lilly slaps Robin, and Robin stares at her.

Lilly: They died O.K. If they hadn't would you be a Titan? Would you have met Starfire?

Rob: No

Lilly: Right. Now lets get out of this nightmare. You are the Prince of the Fire Realm just walk past Fay and sit on the throne.

Rob: O.K

They both are spit out of the vortex

Star: (forgetting about the fight) Robin! (Runs over and hugs him) You are unharmed!

Rob: Yeah…listen Star I have to go and sit on the throne so Lilly can get her fire power O.K

Star: Yes be careful

Robin walks out in front of Fay as she shoots fireballs at him he easily doges them goes and sits on the throne. A red light shoots from the throne and goes into Lilly She now has a white rose in her hair from before and is now wearing white high-heeled boots with flames on them. Robin's cape is now red on the outside and orange on the inside with yellow seems.

Fay: No! My Power it's draining! Help me!

Fay then disappears.

Rob: So am I like what Star is except I'm fire?

Lilly: Yeah

Speed: Hey I have a question

Lilly: Shoot

Speed: If Robin is the prince of the fire realm what is Hot Spot, and if there is a water realm what would Aqua lad be?

Lilly: Well Hot Spot is one that this planet chose to have those powers, and controlling water is in Aqua Lad's blood since he's from Atlantis. So the planet chooses it's realm rulers it's not based on what powers you have.

Speed: Thanks.

Lilly: Hey you guys there's trouble in the Storm realm

Rob: O.K Titans Go!


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nicole_titans on December 20, 2005, 7:53:51 AM

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nicole_titansthis is so cool! plis continue!!

RaexBB_72sol on December 19, 2005, 8:15:29 AM

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RaexBB_72solAwesome. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please write more soon. I'll be waiting. =) :) ;)

Froze8 on December 15, 2005, 4:42:21 AM

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terry_titanqueen on December 14, 2005, 10:49:06 PM

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terry_titanqueensweet!!!! so far so good keep them coming!!!! *-*