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Chapter 11 - The Yacht

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 11 - The Yacht

Chapter 11 - The Yacht

On the yacht driven by one of the water spirits the Titans are on the deck Lilly standing off to the sidelines. Speedy notices something is wrong and walks over to her.

Lilly: *thinks* I can't believe he kissed me on the cheek….why am I even thinking about it? Do I like this guy? I can't I'm a good guy not a villain!

Speed: Hey what's the matter?

Lilly: Just contemplating some complicated things

Speed: Well you should do that with the rest of us while we are having fun.

Lilly: *giggles* O.K

Lilly goes to have fun with the Titans and you go to Blackfire on her throne telling Red X off.

Black: You SAVED HER! You were supposed to KILL HER!

Red X: But I like her *thinks* wait I'm not supposed to like her…WHAT'S HAPPINING TO ME?!

Black: Listen your one of the only people who have stayed alive during this whole thing. I'll give you one more chance if you fail you will either die or become severely wounded. GOT IT?!

Red X: Yes *thinks* But…I don't want to…STOP IT YOU'RE EVIL! NOT GOOD!

The Titans go into the yacht and go into their rooms Lilly doing research in the small living room.

Rob: Wow Lilly I mean I was obsessed with Slade but this is ridiculous

Lilly: You're telling me you don't want to know who Red X is.

Rob: No but I mean you've been doing DNA samples…do you like this guy?

Lilly: *blushing* What would give you that kind of idea?

Rob: You're face is red

Lilly: So?

Rob: Listen Lilly it's in your best interest not to get involved even if you like him O.K?

Lilly: Yeah thanks

Rob: No problem well I'm gonna hit the sack

Lilly: I'll be to bed soon

Soon after she hears screams from every room and out comes Red X, all the titans crawl out of their rooms partially paralyzed, Red X flings an X at Lilly she narrowly doges the X slicing her arm. Her shoulder begins to bleed.

Lilly: Ha! You only cut me

Red X: Too bad it's a boomerang

Lilly: What?

The X flies back stabbing her in the back then swinging around and slitting her face. A trickle of blood comes out of her cheek and her white dress is stained with blood in the back and on the arm.

Lilly: Heh…you got me. *she faints*

Rob: Lilly!

Cyborg already having it worn off runs and attaches that thing in the doctor's office that shows your heartbeat. It beeps slowly.

Cy: She's still got a heart beat.

Rob: We need bandages

Star: We must hurry!

BB: C'mon we're losing her!

Rob: *goes up to Red X angry* If she goes I'll kill you!

Red X: Whatever

Rob: Don't you care?

Red X: No she's just a girl

Rob: But she's my friend *clenches fists* you have no right to take her away!

Red X: *yelling angrily* Listen! For me it was kill or be killed! I don't want my life taken away!

Rob: So should you try to take the life of another? And more importantly of a girl who likes you! *realizing what he said* umm I mean she is a good person!

Cy: She's suffering from blood loss I need to give blood type test to everyone so she can get more blood in her system.

BB: Well we should start!

All the Titans take the blood test and then force Red X to take it too.

Cy: She needs blood type B negative and only Red X has it.

Red X: No…I won't

Star: Oh please! Our friend is dying!

Red X: No she has to suffer

Rob: Just because Blackfire said so?!

Red X: Yep

Lilly: *struggling to get up* please…

Star: Friend you are to injured to get out of bed!

Lilly: please? I need the blood. I've been dead before…I don't want to die again *grabs his shoulder* I don't want to die…*faints*

Red X………

Rob: C'mon

Bee: *flies up to him* Listen Red rover don't make me come over and kick you're sorry butt

Red X: Fine

Cyborg hooks him up to Lilly

Cy: You have to stay there for the night

Red X: Fine

Later that night Red X is still awake looking at Lilly

Red X: *thinks* Man I'm gonna get in so much trouble! Blackfire will kill me…still Lilly is pretty and a good person and she

Red X leans in to kiss her but she rolls over and grabs his mask

Red X: *thinks* Oh crud! If I move my mask gets pulled off. If I don't well… *Red X pulls away, reveling his face. He has light brown hair, tan skin and the lightest blue eyes the shade of a robin's egg* (note: I have no idea what he actually looks like but I thought he'd look cool this way.)

Red X: *thinks* Oh man! I can't let them see me! Wait! Where is it! I swear it was right there. But if I move Lilly won't have my blood!

Lilly: *waking up* Red X?

Red X: *turning away* Um hi

Lilly: What's this? *pulls out mask* wait if I have the mask then…oh my lord

Red X: Yeah oh my lord is right now give it back!

Lilly: *giggles* You have to show me your face first

Red X: What!

Lilly: You heard me

Red X: No absolutely not!

Lilly: Fine then I'll just call Robin in now

Red X: I'm already saving your life don't ask for more

Lilly: You wouldn't be in this position if you didn't try to kill me before

Red X: Just gimme the mask

Lilly: You have to show me your face

Red X: Fine *turns around* now give it to me

Lilly: Hey was that so hard?

Red X: Yes *takes mask and puts it back on*

Lilly: Oh my blood level is normal. You can go now I know how to detach us *detaches them* there you can go if you wanna

Red X: And get killed by Blackfire? I'd rather be stuck with a bunch of heroes

Lilly: Well since you're staying…why did you kiss me?

Red X: `Cause I like you…why did you set my butt on fire?

Lilly: C'mon that was pretty funny

Red X: Not when you're the one who has their butt up in flames

Lilly: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

Red X: Yeah right

Lilly: Hey don't take it like that. I…

Red X: You what?

Lilly: I kinda like you

Red X: This is very strange

Lilly: Yeah…hey listen even though we kind of like each other we shouldn't get involved

Red X: Yeah that's a good idea…could we go out once?

Lilly: No

Yacht Driver: Miss Lilly! We have arrived at the wind realm

Lilly: Hey! Rise and shine! C'mon we're here!

To Be Continued……………………………………………………


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terry_titanqueen on January 31, 2006, 11:20:30 PM

terry_titanqueen on
terry_titanqueenooooooooooooooooo.... so u and red x.... lol jk its cute!!!!!

Froze8 on January 26, 2006, 4:23:00 AM

Froze8 on
Froze8Oh! They like eachother how come then can't go out?! I can't wait for another chapter! I wan't to read one now even if it's short but these isn't a nother chapteryet. :(