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Chapter 12 - The Last Chapter

This is a contiuace of Love is in the Air. Read that one first please. COMMENTS AND FLAMES ARE WELCOME!

Chapter 12 - The Last Chapter

Chapter 12 - The Last Chapter

The Titans, Titans East, Lilly and Red X get off of the yacht and enter the Wind realm. The sky is black and purple the ground is gray gravel. You see Blackfire sitting on the throne wearing a necklace with a flower, cloud, wave, flame and swirl (looking like wind).

Lilly: Blackfire! Surrender now we've got you out numbered!

Black: Well I've got you out powered!

Lilly: Cyborg! You are the prince of the wind realm go get on that throne! Hurry!

Blackfire lunges at Lilly but Red X blocks her

Black: Red X! You traitor!

Red X: Whatever

Black: What do you mean whatever? I'm going to kill you!

Blackfire and Red X go off and fight, Red X throws countless Xs but Blackfire brushes them away as if they are nothing then Blackfire makes some instant cage and puts Red X in it.

Black: A wind container, from the power of wind with this necklace Lilly is powerless!

Lilly: Oh no that's the essence necklace it controls every essence meaning if she wants to she can make the whole world or even universe come to destruction!

Rav: Not as bad a Trigon

Lilly: Yeah you're right she's 100 times worse

BB: We are in deep crud

Lilly: Pretty much

Blackfire makes more containers and then Terra goes and gets many rocks and throws them all at her Blackfire merely uses her vine power to crush them then puts her in one of the containers, BB wanting to protect Terra turned into a pterodactyl and tried to get Terra out but Blackfire hit BB with a fire ball and he is to imprisoned, Starfire flies up to Blackfire and throws many starbolts at her Blackfire unfazed by them takes her by the neck and throws her into a cage, Robin obviously wanting to help Star tried to get her with his grappling hook but Blackfire got him to and Raven trying to help gets trapped, Cyborg still running to the throne Blackfire throwing different attacks at him. Aqualad then having water rides up on a wave and gets Raven out of the cage the wave ceases and Aqualad falls on top of Raven

Aqua: *blushing* Uh sorry

Rav: *blushing* It's O.K

Blackfire then puts them in one big cage. Speedy fires some arrows but they are all melted by Blackfire and he is then put in a cage. Bee shrinks down and buzzes around Blackfire distracting her until Blackfire slaps her and puts her in a cage.

Lilly: Mas y Menos! Grab Cyborg and take him to the throne hurry!

M y M: Mas y Menos si podemos!

Mas and Menos go and grab Cyborg and start taking him up the throne. Blackfire notices and fires at them, Lilly then jumps in front to save him and is then hit.

Black: You stupid girl! That was my poison ivy sting wherever it hits that is where you get infected.

Lilly begins to look deathly falls but suddenly gets a look of realization and stands up face looking depressed with tears running down her cheeks eyes bloodshot yet face still angry.

Lilly: You're forgetting

Black: What?

Lilly: *a light shining around her* That I was born on this planet. *light growing* I am the one who deserves that necklace *floating* I am the true goddess! Not you! *light growing and floating higher than Blackfire* I do not like the way you have enslaved this planet…I do not like you…and if you think! Or even DREAM about hurting my friends you're WRONG!

Blackfire is now looking up at her in utter amazement

Lilly: Nothing to say in you're defense? Then I wish you gone! So you can never cause Earth, Tameran or the Essence Planet any harm again!

Lilly summons a huge amount of light

Lilly: Cyborg! Go!

Cyborg reaches the throne and sits on it Mas and Menos run back down and start to free everyone.

Lilly: I summon the power of the flame, wave, leaves, storm and wind to blow away this evil!

Lilly throws a gigantic amount of light at Blackfire and she disappears. Lilly floats down the necklace attaches itself to her neck; Cyborg now has two sparkling shoulder pads with wave marks on them. Lilly now is wearing a sleeveless dress its white with rainbow ribbons coming off of the top of the dress. The bottom is full and her hair is pulled up in a bun with white roses around her head the necklace shining brightly.

Rob: Wow

Cy: You look…

BB: Different

Rav: Are you still…

Star: You?

Terra: Hello?

Lilly: …

Bee: Lilly?

M y M: ke?

Speed: Umm

Aqua: Are you O.K?

Lilly turns around

Red X: C'mon say something

Sarah: Please?

Lilly: *serious* Well…*smiles big* WE DID IT!


They all grab Lilly and throw her up and down in the air after a little while they put her down.

Lilly: I'm a goddess now!

Cy: Wait does that mean you have to stay here?

Red X: Does it?

The Titans faces turn to sadness

Lilly: Unfortunately yes

BB; But

Terra: We don't want you to be here

Lilly: I'm sorry it's my duty

Suddenly Flora appears

Flora: Lilly you should go

Lilly: But who will take care of the planet?

Flora: Silly, I can!

Lilly: Oh that's right!

Flora: Well if you're going to fight crime were gonna need to take you clothes shopping

Lilly: O.K!

Lilly and Flora disappear for a few seconds then come back with Flora wearing Lilly's outfit and Lilly wearing jeans and a white tank-top with flames coming up from the bottom.

Cy: Brings back memories

Lilly: Kinda the point

Red X: Hey Lilly?

Lilly: Yeah

Red X: If I become good will you go out with me?

Lilly: It's up to Robin

Rob: Well…*smiles* Why not?

Red X: Yes!

Lilly: But where will I live?

Rob: You're gonna live in the Tower with us

Lilly: Cool! Titans Go Home!

Red X: So alls well that ends well

Lilly: Yeah… *after all the titans walk away to herself*And I'm gonna be happy…for once in my life

The End

O.K I need ideas for a new script so yeah!


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terry_titanqueen on February 1, 2006, 5:07:46 AM

terry_titanqueen on
terry_titanqueenOMG that was reallly good!!! ^-^

Froze8 on January 27, 2006, 6:13:28 AM

Froze8 on
Froze8Well you got a whole thing you can do with RedX and Lilly. I mean they could form there own group and more to another town that needs protecting.