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Chapter 1 - Pyro the chao!

Pyro- You Read! Cause ME better than you!

isn't he cute!

Chapter 1 - Pyro the chao!

Chapter 1 - Pyro the chao!

Pyro's Bio

He's a normal chao. And he's a baby! And he love Fire, desertion, breaking things,

anything that he can break, and he loves ME and some of my chao and KATE and some

Of her chao! So he breaks a lot of things using his sharp teeth! And he hates pretty much

everybody! Except ME , KATE, And some of OUR CHAO! Don't pet or pick up pyro or

he'll bite your hand off! Or just bite you……… yeah, he'll just bite you. Since pyro is a

baby many people can't understand what he's trying to say so here's some words he uses!

You Screw- calling you a screw

Tin Tin- shiny or money

Fire- fire

Me- mean

Yum Yum- yummy

Night- dark

No move- dead or die

Bye bye- bye bye

AA (ah-ah)- hungry

Roster- good morning

Bluh- HAHA! I WIN!

Bust- broken

Ya- hot

Sa- cold

Up- I want up!

Ashley- ASHY ASH! Or ASHY!

If you want to know how to say a word ask me!

Pyro has some abilities he can control fire ( not big ones he's not that good at it yet) and

turn any electrical thing (that he can take apart) in to a deadly gun, laser, bazooka, blaster,

or what ever. And ask if you want to know how to say a word in pyro talk!


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darkness42 on March 11, 2006, 10:53:31 PM

darkness42 on
darkness42i know what you guys are thinking, is that a word and it is! look it up!

Pyro- veren (ver-ran)

thanks for asking Ultimate!

Ultimate_Lifeform on March 11, 2006, 9:10:12 PM

Ultimate_Lifeform on
Ultimate_LifeformSA! how do you say disestablishmentarienism?

darkness42 on March 5, 2006, 8:47:35 AM

darkness42 on
darkness42so you want to know how to say cool? it's the came thing as sa.

Mattkur on March 5, 2006, 8:39:42 AM

Mattkur on

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on March 5, 2006, 7:41:16 AM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianOnce again, cool.