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Chapter 1 - The war

its about a girl who's fater died (she's a princess) and she must avenge him she run into some obstacle along the way and must face them (its really good read it)

Chapter 1 - The war

Chapter 1 - The war


Patara felt at ease with her four wolves by her side. A grey wolf with and x shape scar had token to her right with a rust color wolf. On her left was a white wolf and a chubby tan wolf with a collar that had an `H' inscribe on it. Only moment later a guard came in.

“Your highness.” Said the man plastered in silver.

“What brings you here?” Patara said yawning.

“News of the war have reached.” He said.

With war said the grey and white wolf raise their heads.

“Continue.” Patara said blindly of what was to come next.

“Your father is dead.” After saying that he walked out.

The white wolf growled for he knew that this meant months with out Patara.

“Hush now Fang” Patara said. White fang lowered his head. Patara got up and went to her closet and packed.

There was a fragile knock on the door. The wolves looked up now. Patara went to the door and let him in. and young samurai not even two years older than her stood there.

“Your highness” he bowed.

“No need. What is it that you want?” Patara said moving from one place to another.

“My name is Kenshin, your father sent me to protect you.” He said dropping his weapon.

“Ah I see and will you protect them to?” Patara said looking at her wolves. The grey one growled.

“Well umm your father told me you might steal off into the night in search for something or someone” Kenshin said

“And is he not right?” Patara said quizzically.

“As instructed I must go with you everywhere you go.” He said getting on one knee.

“I see very well then I will stay if it means anything to you” Patara said. Kenshin couldn't see the cunning in her eyes. Though he thought of her beautiful.

She gave him a room and a tour of the castle. Then she took off to her room to finish packing. White Fang got up and went to Patara's side. Patara bent down and pet her furry friend.

“Oh fang I'll trust you'll be in good hands when I am gone.” Patara said wishing there was another choice for her. Fang whined softly.

The grey wolf got up and growled at the door.

“Hush Scar.” Patara whined.

She went to the door and opened it. On the other side awaited Kenshin.

“Your high….”

“No need for that.” Patara interrupted.

They stood there starting at each other for awhile.

“Please come in” Patara broke the silence. He stepped in and she shut the large oak door.

“What are they're names?” asked Kenshin.

“That's ones Scar” Patara said pointing to the grey wolf. Scar looked at Kenshin coldly.

“And the one next to him is Runt.” Patara said.

“That must be Huttser huh?” Kenshin asked pointing to the chubby wolf.

“Well yeah how did you know?” Patara asked confused.

“Some people in my village say that it once was a nobles dog.” Kenshin said. Huttser growled.

“He's trying to say that he's not a dog he's a wolf.” Patara said smiling. That instant Kenshin knew he had to be with her forever.

“Oh.” He said “Sorry.”

“This must be White fang. Kenshin added.

“Yeah it is” Patara said.

Kenshin got up from the floor and grabbed Patara's arms.

“There's something I should tell you.” Kenshin cried.

“What!” Patara asked.

“I …. I. I'm gay!” he said he couldn't really tell her what he meant to say.

“Good for you!” Patara said a bit embarrassed.

Patara showed him to his room and went to hers. She grabbed her baggage and threw it out the window. She went to her four wolves and hugged them all and for a moment Scars eyes were soft with concern. Fang showed her off to the window but before she managed to get out the window Fang clamped down on her dress as if saying don't leave me take me with you.


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