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Chapter 3 - THE WOLF"S INN

its about a girl who's fater died (she's a princess) and she must avenge him she run into some obstacle along the way and must face them (its really good read it)

Chapter 3 - THE WOLF"S INN

Chapter 3 - THE WOLF"S INN


Patara walked in and the warm breeze welcomed her. Rei sat down at a table and took his mask completely off.

“So why does your boss want me?” Patara asked a bit shocked that some old guy wanted to marry her.

“Beets me he's about your age but I mean so many girls are already after him why can't he have them all he says it's just something about you that draws him towards you.” Rei said motioning the waiter to come to their table.

“What would you like to drink sir?” The waiter asked.

“Do you have a bottle of Sake?” Rei asked.

“Why yes and what would you want?” He said turning towards Patara.

“Oh my aren't you the princess Patara?” The waiter yelled. Everyone turned to look at them.

“No you must have me mistaken I'm just a plain little girl.” Patara said hoping he wouldn't comment on the dress.

“Then how did you get that dress?” He said eyeing her.

“My mother made it for me before she left to go visit her brothers” Patara lied.

“Oh ok then well what would you like to drink?” the waiter said looking her carefully.

“Water please” She said. With that the waiter left only to return with the drinks.

“Rei why did you leave?” Patara asked.

“War overseas besides I did come back alive didn't I?” Rei said putting his drink down.

“What happened to your mother?” Rei asked.

“Oh my mom died of an illness right after you left.” Patara said slowly drinking her water.

“Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.” Rei said.

“It's ok.” She said.

“You still have them wolves don't you?” Rei asked looking at the scar on his hand.

“Yeah they protect me and keep me company when I'm alone.” Patara said.

“Who is this new guardian that your father sent you?” Rei asked taking a picture out of his pocket and putting it on the table for her to see it.

“Oh that's Kenshin I guess he's ok but Scar doesn't like him very much.” She said

“Who's Scar?” Rei asked a bit confused.

“Oh he's my grey wolf the one with the `X' shaped scar on his chest.” She said.

“I guess its time to turn in.” He said putting money on the table and grabbing the key by the candle.

“Yeah I guess so.” Patara said getting up.

The walked in the warm fire lit room and put there stuff away for now. Patara dressed in a baggy top and blue jeans.

“I guess this dress will just have to wait for now.” She said folding it and putting it in her bag.

“Sleep well to night.” Rei said getting into one bed at the end of the corner.

While in bed Patara thought of her four wolves and about Kenshin back at the castle. She turned to look at Rei's bed but no one was in there. She got up and went around the inn looking for him. She found him at the table drinking some Sake.

“I didn't hear you leave.” Patara said calmly.

“OMG why did I come out here I could of ran away how stupid am I?' Patara thought to herself.

“That's because us assassins must never make noise” Rei said looking at her with admiration.

“Very funny Mr. Assassin” Patara said sarcastically.

“Tell me Patara why didn't you try to run away when I left you alone?” Rei asked.

“Well I didn't really think about it at the time. Why was I supposed to run away and give you some game?” She said smiling.

“Your smile has never changed gee I sure do miss that smile.” Rei said putting one hand on her face. Patara looked at him with softness in her eyes.

“We were supposed to get married remember?” Patara said bringing up the past.

“Yeah I remember but war was calling my name besides I have to avenge my little brother Taho.” Rei said trying to remember what his brother looked like.

“When I avenge my father we can go back to the castle and get married just like our past plans were everything we could have and want will be at our hands.” She said holding onto his hand on the table.

“Are you sure you want to marry me?” “I mean there's a lot of other people that you can have why me?” Rei asked.

“Because you were my future until you left. You always stood out everywhere you went it was a fat chance that anyone could miss you and besides all the girls had there eye on you but I had my hopes on you and you never took them or me as a matter or fact for granted.” She said.

“But when you were little all those other girls would bully you cause I would hang out with you and not them.” Rei said trying to remember his past back home.

“I know but that shaped me into who I am today if not I would have been a wuss and cry all the time.” She said.

“What do you say… why don't we get married as soon as I come back from avenging my father?” She asked hoping he would say yes.

“I'll have to think about it I mean it's been so long what's to say you haven't changed?” Rei said knowing she would never change in his eyes.

“Ok I guess. Then will you come with me to avenge my father?” She said hoping she could use some help.

“I guess I could help you boss will just have to wait a very long time though.” Rei said hoping his boss wouldn't mind this.

“By the way why does your boss want me again?” Patara asked.

“He wants you because he used to know you and he wants to do something very special with you but only he knows what he's doing the assassin group doesn't.” Rei said getting up. Patara followed him back to the room.

She shut the door quietly and sat on Rei's bed while he lied down over the covers.

“Rei what will it be like if we get married?” She asked thinking about the future.

“Well we'll have servants and guards to protect us from anything but I don't see why we really need you cause I'm gonna protect you from anything.” Rei said putting one arm around Patara.

Patara leaned in and gave him a kiss. She pulled back out and saw Rei's face. Patara started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Rei said angrily.

“Your face it's scarlet.” Patara said trying to cover her mouth.

“Yeah yeah lets just get some sleep if were going to avenge your father then get some shut eye.” Rei said trying to make his face color back to normal.


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