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Chapter 2 - Gives You Hell

This is a sorta more or less a summary of my character Jefferey's history. He reminds me alot of Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey because he talks like them all the time XD

Chapter 2 - Gives You Hell

Chapter 2 - Gives You Hell
Jefferey stared at Ransom, he couldn't believe what she was telling him... split the band up after all these years? How could they...? The band was all the family he had left. Since his mother passed away when he was 14, Shasta, Comet, and Ransom had always been with him. He loved all of them but most of all he loved Ransom. He'd loved her since the day he met her. Her long brown hair and stunning blue eyes were only complimented by her beautiful cougar's tail and the ears to match.

"Look Jiffy... I'm sorry... but I've got bigger plans than to stay cooped up in this one horse town for the rest of my life. To quote Tobey Keith's song Shoulda Been A Cowboy, 'go west young man, haven't you been told: California's full of whiskey, women, and gold.' You should go too! Your a talented guitarist with a voice that speaks to the soul, you could be a rockstar!" she put her hand on his and smiled slightly.

"But Brooke..." he murmered her real name which was a rare thing for him, "I... I love you..."

"Jefferey... don't be a fool. You could never love me... I'm a free spirit and you... well your a pothead with a messed up face and a broken dream. I'm sorry but its true... Happy Birthday..."

Ransom's harsh words drove a stake through Jefferey's heart. Perhaps he was a fool, maybe she was right... no! She was wrong... "Well if thats how you feel then leave! I never want to see your face again! But one day when you see mine... I know you'll remember just how much you've missed out! I wish you nothing but the best in California but from now on Eon Town is no longer your home..."

The unexpected retaliation from him brought tears to her eyes. She ran off without another word and left him standing alone in the middle of his own front yard. He sighed and went inside his house and looked around. His new puppy The Prophet was pestering his not so enthusiastic cat Nirvana.

With a smirk Jefferey decided he would leave Eon Town as well, the band was through. Might as well pack up and find a new place to live. This could be a new adventure for him! Yeah! A new life... new friends... new stories.


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