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Chapter 3 - Friends For Life

This is a sorta more or less a summary of my character Jefferey's history. He reminds me alot of Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey because he talks like them all the time XD

Chapter 3 - Friends For Life

Chapter 3 - Friends For Life
About a week later he'd found the perfect little apartment to move into. He packed up a few boxes of his valuables and abandoned his old home. This apartment was located on the outskirts of a much larger town called Rising Town. He could see people all around but one person in particular caught his eye.

It was a young inu boy with purple streaked blonder hair. His red eyes were cheerful as he ran down the street and caught a tennis ball in mid air. At the other end of the street was a girl with a pink beret'. She saw Jefferey look at her and flashed him a strange look before running off.

The boy looked confused and padded over to Jefferey. With a smile and a wag of his tail the boy winked, "Hiya newbie. I'm Etsel, Etsel Conrad Darinjer. Who're you?'

Shyly Jefferey nodded and murmered, "I'm Jefferey... Jefferey Gerard DeQuindre."

"Nice to meetcha Jeffers, is it okay if I call ya that??"

"Uh... sure."

"Okie dokie. Jeffers it is! Why're you sad?" asked Etsel tilting his head in a doglike manner.

Jefferey was caught off guard by this question, he didn't think it was that obvious that he was upset, "I'm fine..."

"Don'tchu lie to me silly, I can sense that your sad about something."

"Well I just got dumped on my most nontriumphant butt... by the girl I've loved since I was a little boy. She commented on my face being messed up..." his voice quavered as he revealed the scarred side of his face to the inu in the hopes that this Etsel wouldn't shun him.

"Why would she do that? Your face looks normal to me! So ya gotta few scratches and a cloudy eye, so what?? There's nothin wrong with that!" Etsel poked Jefferey when he spoke and flicked his forehead, "Your so silly Jeffers."

"Heh maybe I am... thanks for cheering me up dude!"

"No prob," he laughed, "I'm either good at getting along with people or good at getting on their nerves!"

Jefferey chuckled and did a little air guitar movement, "most excellent!"

Etsel stopped laughing and stared at Jefferey then looked at his own hands, he put them up in a failed attempt to mimic his new friends movement. He sighed and started cracking up.

"Don't sweat it dude, you'll be most awesome at it in no time!" Though things had been hard for Jefferey in the past he now had a feeling that he'd finally met a friend who would stand by him no matter what.


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