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Chapter 5 - Know Your Enemy

This is a sorta more or less a summary of my character Jefferey's history. He reminds me alot of Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey because he talks like them all the time XD

Chapter 5 - Know Your Enemy

Chapter 5 - Know Your Enemy
The next morning Jefferey awoke to see his new friend Ellie sitting beside him. She smiled and handed him a plate with a stack of pancakes and syrup on it, "I made this for you."

"Uh... thanks..." he smirked and took the plate.

A knock on the door startled both of them. Jefferey crept slowly to the door and glanced outside. Outside the door was an inu boy with a cowboy hat. Jefferey opened the door and grinned at the boy, "Hi there. What can I do for you on this most excellent morning?"

The boy growled and pushed Jefferey against the wall, "You can start by telling me why Ellie came to you!"

Imobilized Jefferey stared at his attacker, "She said it was because I could see her! Why?? Who are you??"

"The name's Creo, Creo Latrell. I was Ellie's mate, why would she seek you out instead of me??" he flashed his pointed fangs as he spoke.

Jefferey was shaking nervously, "I... I wouldn't know... I could ask her if you want...?"

Inside the apartment Ellie was shaking her head. Creo snarled and dug his clawed fingers into his captive's back. Jefferey shrieked in pain and fell to the ground. The also clawed foot of his attacker dug into his head. Blood pooled on the ground around him as he lay there in defeat.

Preparing for the worst he closed his eyes and covered his head. The worst never came, instead Jefferey found himself looking at Shasta. His sunray-tailed buddy from school. Shasta was growling angrily and threw himself at Creo.

Creo sunk his teeth into Shasta's tail causing the sunray to yelp in pain and whip his tail towards his attackers face. Realizing he'd been hit hard Creo took off with his tail between his legs leaving Jefferey and Shasta laying on the ground bleeding on each other. This wouldn't be the last time they'd see that crazed border collie, Jefferey was sure of that.


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