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Chapter 6 - Song For The Lonely

This is a sorta more or less a summary of my character Jefferey's history. He reminds me alot of Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey because he talks like them all the time XD

Chapter 6 - Song For The Lonely

Chapter 6 - Song For The Lonely
"Shasta..." murmured Jefferey looking at his friend.

Shasta was bleeding far more than normal for a bite wound. He was shivering uncontrollably and he snarled as Jefferey moved toward him. The orb on his tail was glowing red and he unsheathed his claws.

"Shasta...?" repeated Jefferey talking a step back in fear.

The sunray snarled again and lept at Jefferey and slashed him with its claws. He gasped and backed up more. Something was wrong with his friend... it must have something to do with the bite wound on his front paw!

Shasta hissed as Jefferey grabbed him by the paw and began trying to suck the strange venom out of the wound. He cringed at the taste of blood but continued this process till he was sure the bite was clean.

Slowly Shasta's growling faded to a simple murmur, he changed back into his human form and fell weakly into his friend's arms. Jefferey shook him gently and checked his pulse. Still alive... for now.

"Shasta... why'd you come here?" asked Jefferey sadly.

"I... missed my best friend... I've been so bored since you left... me and Comet want you to come home..." he murmered weakly and frowned.

"I can't... this is my home now... I'm sorry... I appreciate you saving me but I cannot leave..."

"But... who will I jam with if you don't come back?"

"Find a replacement please... my passion for music has faded... I truly am sorry..."

Whimpering as he got up Shasta brushed himself off and walked away sadly. He sniffled as he gazed back at Jefferey. Jefferey was laying on the ground tapping his finger blankly. The sunray sighed and mewed, "Good by Jiffy... I hope we meet again someday..."


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