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Chapter 7 - Don't Trust Me

This is a sorta more or less a summary of my character Jefferey's history. He reminds me alot of Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey because he talks like them all the time XD

Chapter 7 - Don't Trust Me

Chapter 7 - Don't Trust Me
After the scary encounter with Creo, Jefferey decided he'd play it safe when it came to answering the door. When he heard knocking a few days later he almost didn't get up to answer it. Though he cautiously peeked out the window and saw the friendly face of Etsel.

Jefferey opened thee door and waved at Etsel, "Hey dude, whats up?"

"Wanna go to a party with me and my friends?" asked Etsel wagging his purple and yellow tail excitedly.

"Sure dude!"

"Well come on then!" Etsel beamed as he turned into a husky dog and ran off. Jefferey followed him quickly, being careful not to trip on anything.

When they arrived at the party they were greeted by several nekos. One was a boy with silver and blue hair, then there were two girls, one with spiky brown hair and the other with sleek black hair which covered her face partially.

"Hey guys this is my new buddy Jefferey DeQuindre!"

The silver haired boy waved, "The name's Rory Trinix. I'm Etsel's cousin. That girl right there," he pointed at the girl with spiky hair, "is my girlfriend Soren Burkina."

"Hiya!" giggled Soren.

Then the dark haired girl spoke up, "Yasmin... just Yasmin."

Jefferey grinned, "Nice to meetcha all!"

The little get together turned into a hilarious party as Jefferey and Etsel climbed up on the table and started singing "Don't Trust Me". Rory, Soren, and even Yasmin looked incredibly amused. Lets just say Yasmin, or as Etsel calls her "Yazzy", has a little problem with alcohol, Strawberry wine to be exact. She became the life of the party in a New York minute. Much to Etsel's dismay Rory yanked Yazzy off the stage the moment her jacket came off.

For one time in his life Jefferey felt as though he could be himself with true friends, it may have been corny but he didn't care. He'd found people who would care about him. This meant the world to the boy with the scarred face. It was all he'd ever wanted in life, true friends.


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