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Chapter 1 - Creation

Ebony the 7th purple monkey. She was defective and separated from the rest, but she was fixed a week later. She uses her ability to morph to get from planet to planet. Along the way, she meets the hyper force.

Chapter 1 - Creation

Chapter 1 - Creation
Ebony the 7th monkey

A hissing noise was heard from a distance. Everything was hardly visible. Bubbling sounds issued from something within the thick glass tank that stood in the dimly lit room. The creature inside the tank, had its eyes partially open, but its mind was still unconscious. Even from its unconscious state, the creature would pick up distant noises that were loud enough to hear. Currently a mans voice was speaking, it was gentle and kind, yet commanding and assertive. Another noise made the things eyes open a little. A somewhat high pitched voice, obviously feminine. Though the words were muffled, the tone was sad and showed hints of fear in it. A thought passed through the creatures mind making the brow furrow. The noise had soon stopped and the hissing noise of closing tanks could be heard. The man gave a horrible cough as if he were to collapse in minutes. The lights turned on a little brighter in the room where the dark tank was hid. The creature couldnt see too clearly, but was noticing the movement in front of it. Your awake. The man said, his hand wiping over the tanks surface. Within it floated a quiet experiment. Bubbles issued from its mouth in slow paces, its eyes still dim. The man went over behind the tank and removed a large cable. The tank began to drain. Without consciousness, the creature was feeble, and it could only make small noises of discomfort. Once the water drained, the tank was opened, the small creature fell forwards, but into the awaiting hands of its creator. The thing was limp, but its mind was becoming more active as the solutions chemicals it was floating in wore off. Easy. Said the gentle voice. Slowly being lifted off the ground, the small mammal like creature was taken to a table. Turned on its side, the man opened a metal pack that was connected to the creatures body. He tugged at a few wires, then connected them into different places. He soon closed the pack and tried to sit the mammal upright. But once he got it to sit, another coughing attack hit him. He knelt to the floor, his hand grabbed the end of the table for support. You shall never be finished. He began to cry out through his coughing. Getting up wearily, the man took hold of the small cyborg primate he had constructed. Laying it in a new empty tank, he closed it. He began typing on the large computer, which beeped every time it received a command. You must be awakened fully now. His voice becoming raspy. A light in the tank turned on, making a slight buzzing sound. The primate became enveloped in a flash of bright light then was concealed inside a dense fog within the tank. The tank opened and a silhouette was seen through the grey mist. It stepped forward and out of the grey mist, making mechanical noises as it walked. Turning its head, it looked over to a metal mirror that sat in the corner. When it came in view, it stared at its self, coking its head. The man stood behind it. A great creation. He said calmly, My seventh cybernetic monkey. The monkeys light blue eyes looked up at the man, whos one blue and one pink eye stared back. You are Ebony, the seventh monkey. She stared up at him for a few moments then back at herself. Her markings and body were purple, as for her chest and feet, were white. Ebony looked towards her metal hand. She didnt trust them, as she felt they concealed something inside them. What are in these hands? Her female voice clear and curious. Transformers. Was the reply. You must activate them to use them. She looked back at her hand. She looked within herself for a few minutes, then something inside her connected. The metallic hand shifted and disappeared in her arm, but was instantly replaced with a vicious claw-like thing. The points were sharp and they formed fingers whenever she moved them. Ebony was about to ask, but was cut short when the man said, They are metal claws, but can be used for different things, mainly a grappling hook. He paused, then continued, But your great power is the ability to morph. He said smiling. I never thought I could create a shape shifting creature, and I have now succeeded, but my happiness cannot last. He looked towards the floor, then knelt down facing Ebony. I must request something of you. Looking at her sadly, You must forget everything about me as well. And I shall miss you and all my other fine creations. He stood back up, then walked over to a long pod. He opened it, and beckoned her to come forth. Promise me, She looked back at him, that you will never attempt to become a dark evil. Ebony thought this was a strange question, but she nodded in reply then stepped into the pod. She closed her eyes as the pod door hissed shut, and a chip connector attached itself to the back of her head.


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evil_within_u on March 28, 2007, 12:00:37 PM

evil_within_u on
evil_within_uOk I know I'm a terrible writer and I'm also horrible with writer's blocks, but I'm going to try again. Also Ebony has been naging at me for the past few days, creating her own back story. Obviously it's the traditional OC based idea.