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Chapter 2 - The Escape

Ebony the 7th purple monkey. She was defective and separated from the rest, but she was fixed a week later. She uses her ability to morph to get from planet to planet. Along the way, she meets the hyper force.

Chapter 2 - The Escape

Chapter 2 - The Escape
Years later&&&&&&.

Ebony heard a loud noise rumbling behind her. She ran panting hard. The source of the rumbling noise was coming fast and a large dust cloud followed it. Get me my monkey! A voice shouted from behind. The man who spoke was a rather large fat man wearing a black suit and waving his cane. Ciricone circus wont be the same without it! He shouted over the roar of the machine he was riding. The driver of the vehicle was a skinny man wearing an over sized motorcycle cap. Ebony kept running on her noodle monkey legs, but the vehicle was coming fast. Annoying man. She thought, Ive put up with that guy for three years now. Running faster she activated her jet pack, and tried to propel herself as high as she could go out of the ring masters reach. The fat man made a wild grab as they closed in, managing to get hold of her left leg. The pack strained under the excess weight that was pulling Ebony down. Get off my leg you fat ball! she yelled. Yet to the man and everyone else, she only made senseless screeching. Trying to shake her leg out of his meaty grasp, he began to pull her down with more force, his long curly mustache becoming singed by the jetpack.
I wont let you escape! Cried the man, his pulling force getting stronger. Ebony tried to shake him off again, then took out her transformer and swiped at the ring masters sleeve. He let go in surprise, Ebony flew out of his grasp and made a little spin from the angle of release. Once out of reach she hovered above him, watching him cry out angrily and shake his fat fist. Good riddance. She said and sped off.
Ebony breathed in heavily, the wind brushing her small body as the jetpack propelled her through the air. Freedom. She said happily. Ebony looked back briefly to see if the ring master still followed. The dust cloud was not visible on the horizon. Giving up? She smiled contently. The sun was beginning to set ahead of her. I need to get off this planet. Ebony thought, Or else I will never escape that circus master. Suddenly she changed her course towards a ship departure port. Hopefully she could sneak a ride in one of the carriers and go where ever they were going. It was getting darker as she neared the port. The barren landscape around her secluded the ship port from the rest of the more inhabited areas of the planet. She turned off the pack as she neared the port. A large ship was firing its engine, almost ready for take off. A fence barred her way, but that was no problem for her, as she cut a small opening for herself. Ebony crept up to the ships in ports, looking for any workers who might pass by. So far there was no one coming, and she scurried over to the large ship. As she ran by, something caught her eye. Ebony stopped and looked back to see what it was. Well hello, what is this? she said looking at it. It was a small one pilot cruiser hovering over the ground attached to a rope. Its body was a deep red and the screen was black. She opened a small hatch in the back of it, trying to locate the fuel levels. Darn. Only enough for a three hour long hyper drive. Ebony suddenly heard footsteps nearby. She felt around the cruisers side, looking for the unlocking device. When the steps were about a few yards away, she managed to open the cockpit and slip inside, closing it so she couldnt be seen. The footsteps stopped, then changed direction and went the opposite way.
Ebony let out a whoosh of air. Sitting up comfortably, she looked around the control panel. Wish I had a manual. She chuckled to herself. Well most cruisers have the same setup. She strapped her seat belt, then began the preparations for take off. The larger ships engine roar would make it easier for her to go without any surprises. The small cruisers engine started whirring then, it began to rise off the ground a little higher. Ebony opened the cockpit just to cut the cord it was connected to, then closed it back and flew it out of the port. Soon she was entering the stratosphere of the planet and not long after, she disengaged the rockets for a few seconds and activated the cruising engine. The dusty yellow colored planet began to shrink as she flew farther away from it. Ebony began to chart a course for her hyper drive, beginning to flip the necessary switches. Hyper Drive Activated. Replied the computer, Charting course. Systems activated, commence warp. Ebony sat back comfortably in the chair and took hold of the driving handles. Begin Hyper drive systems. She began to the computer, as the cruiser started to increase its velocity. Prepare for warp, in five&&four&&&three&& two&&.one. The small cruiser propelled faster and faster, shrinking slightly in size as it neared warp speed. A strange tunnel seemed to open up in front of her. Once she entered, the cruiser had vanished from the entrance into warp speed. Ebony let go of the controls, and put them on auto pilot. Next planet here I come. She smiled to herself. Yet she had no idea where she was going.


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