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Chapter 1 - Review of Kerrang Relentless Enery Tour 2010

I went to the kerrang tour on feb 4th this year, purely because I am in love with all time low (:
and I want to go into journalism or something similar... so I wrote this.... please tell me what you think (:

Chapter 1 - Review of Kerrang Relentless Enery Tour 2010

Chapter 1 - Review of Kerrang Relentless Enery Tour 2010
On Thursday the 4th of February 2010, I went to Manchester, and had the time of my life.
I went to the Kerrang Relentless Energy Tour 2010 to see four of my favorite bands, and one of them was my all time favorite band ever- All Time Low. The other bands aren't as well known, Young Guns opened the stage with their recently released single Winter Kiss and got the audience worked up and ready to party. As well as the audience having fun, the band were enjoying themselves, which is good, it sets the atmosphere (: Lead singer, Gutsav Wood at one point told the audience to start a pit, which they did, and he seemed pleased with the result.
The second band was My Passion. A cross between electro punk band Hadouken and another band on tour The Blackout, My Passion really wowed the audience with their gothic attire, heavy guitar and drums, and poetic lyrics. Although they weren’t as interactive with the audience as Young Guns, My Passion revved up the audience further and really set the bar high for the next band.
While everybody was waiting for The Blackout, the crowd dispersed to the bars at the back of the academy, with the exception of the people lucky enough to get places at the front, by the stage, just 3 feet away from the stage. Ten minutes later, lights go down and girls start screaming, Sean Smith (vocalist, The Blackout) walks on stage. The introduction for Children of The Night kicks in and people are jumping around left right and center. After their opening song, both vocalists start talking at the crowd, saying things like how the next band wanted to be in Liverpool (which is where me and my friends had come from) and the crowd booed. The Blackout carried on playing and during one of the songs they got the crowd to kneel down for the chorus and two lines in, Sean shouted "Jump the frack UP!" which the crowd did. After playing two more songs, The Blackout introduced the next band; All Time Low.
There was a tense build up to All Time Low. As I had been close to the back for the majority of the night, I decided to try and get closer to the stage, which I did, I was two or three people away from the stage. Fifteen minutes later, roadies had put a white sheet up across the stage. Suddenly, all the lights went down, and the drum beat from the introduction to ‘Lost in Stereo’ played from behind the sheet. Then lights shone from behind the crowd, guitars kicked in, the crowd screamed and the sheet dropped. There was more, hysterical screaming, and the band started singing, the crowd was jumping, and getting rough, so I had to start moving away, as it was packed at the front. The band were really interactive with the audience. After Lost In Stereo, they took a break, and talked to the audience. The singer, Alex (Gaskarth, also on guitar) and Guitarist Jack (Barakat) shouted things across the stage to each other, and to the other band members, Zack and Rian, about how they were having fun, and asking us if we were having a good time, at which the crowd screamed their reply. They then carried on playing their set, which included ‘Dear Maria, count Me In’, ‘Poppin’ Champagne’, an acoustic version of ‘Remembering Sunday’, with just Alex on an acoustic guitar, singing both the male and female parts, and other songs such as ‘Stella’ ‘Break your little heart’ and ‘Damned if I do ya’. When the band was finished, there was a sense of disappointment among the crowd as they were told to leave, and people looked for dropped belongings before the cleaners took them. Outside, there were many merchandise stands selling T shirts and posters, so it was a struggle to leave. All in all, a very good night, and I would love to go again next year.


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