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I went to the kerrang tour on feb 4th this year, purely because I am in love with all time low (:
and I want to go into journalism or something similar... so I wrote this.... please tell me what you think (:
Camille and Hayley were best friends.Some changes on both of their lives makes Hayley leave Chicago.Camille decides to leave two years later but when she arrived to Hayley’s house, it’s too late, she founds out that she had an accident...
William is love.
Just A Short Thing Based Around Ryan Ross And Brendon Urie Of Panic! At The Disco. It IS Fiction, But Ryan Did Have An Abusive Father And Talks About It In The Song Camisado.
This Isn't Slash. Just Best Friends.
Frankie acidently kills his pet snake and is sad.
Gerard gets his friends and brother togther and dose somthing to cheer Frankie up.
Another Random AFI and MCR story of when they were teenager-esc
A random story i made in my study hall and it makes no scence.
Well this story beats my last 1 cause that 1 sucked, this 1 does too but not as much so yno. well anyway, its a classic mcr story withthe frerard loveyness and stuff, so uhm, enjoy :]

oh yeah and chapter 3 sucks
My Family <3
I love you guys!
my Fave. song so far ^^ they always sing for Peace, not money, they are a lively band
A short review of the band Three Days Grace.
its really a song that i made up when i found out that the girl that i loved was going to leave and my band are playing it when we get a chance
What happens when you take some of todays Hard Rocks stars and put them in school together? Just read this!