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Chapter 3 - shcool...what a drag

hey guys this is a story with a few of my own OCs and my friends with severl crossover i do not own any of the anime i use in my story well i hope you like it

Chapter 3 - shcool...what a drag

Chapter 3 - shcool...what a drag
Takashi's hand slammed down on the alarm clock. She sluggishly got out of bed yawned a little at her tiredness being she hadn't slept a wink. She went over to her closet and pulled out a pare of blue jeans with flare at the end, a sleeveless black jersie like hoodie, blue nin shoes, and a skull belt.
She threw her cloths on and then went over to the mirror on her dresser to see her bed head, which looked a lot like a afro. Yanking and pulling her hair for a while it began to become untangled. After she was done brushing her hair she pulled it into a long wrap like she always did.

After all that was done she grabbed her backpack and went to the door. She looked out the door to see if Gaara was around cause she didn't feel like explaining to him why she ran away from him last night.
She looked to her left, the coast was clear she look to right, no one was there ether but from behind her she heard

"Trying to hide from some one." The red head said

"No not at all Gaara." Takashi said with a guilty face.

Before Gaara could say any more to her she had stepped into the hallway and ran down the stairs. When she reached the bottom and entered the living room she saw that Hikari like always was still asleep. For once Hikari sleep later than Takashi cause she was use to being the last one up. She saw Mushra in the kitchen making some waffles. He noticed Takashi coming down the stairs.

"Takashi can you wake up Hikari ive tried everything." The lavender headed boy said.

"What no good morning Takashi." Takashi said smirking at him

"Good morning" he said agitated a little

She nodded and set her backpack down on the couch and went over by Hikari who was still sound asleep.

She bent down and shook her a little.

"I've tired that already." Mushra exclaimed.

"Watch the master." Takashi said trying to make her self sound smart

She bent down lower to wispear in her ear

"Mushra in hot boxers." Takashi said with a smirk on her face waiting for her sisters reaction.

To the sound of that her Hikari jumped three feet in the air.

"Where" she said in a very loud tone of voice looking from left to right.

"Not funny" she said noticing that she was lieing

"Good your up" said a voice coming down the stairs, it was Gaara "you need to hurry or will be late.

"When are we not late" Mushra said pulling the waffle out of the toaster and smothering then in syrup and butter.

"You have a point trying to get those to up is like trying to get Naruto to stop eating ramen" Gaara said with a playful smile. Walking over to the toaster to cook him some waffles to.

"Go eat your waffles" Hikari said glaring at gaara.

"Fine but you still need to go get ready." Gaara said

"Fine" Hikari said tiredly.

She got up and went up the stairs.
Takashi sat down at the bar and buried her head in her arms.

"Are you going to eat Takashi" Gaara asked

Takashi lifted her head from her arms
"No you can have mine" she said giving a fake smile trying to hid the fact that she was very tired and just to tired to eat any thing.

"Ok" he said eating some of his waffles

Mushra who was still stuffing his mouth with waffles
"come on" Mushra said choking on the last piece if his waffle that he had also stuffed in his mouth.

"I'm coming" Hikari said walking down the stairs taking her sweet time and moving her brown hair out of her eyes.

Gaara took the last bite of his waffles and then put his and Mushras plate in the sink ans walked over to the door where Mushra and Takashi where waiting.
Hikari just reached the door just as Gaara went out the door with us.they started off Gaara along side Takashi and Mushra on Hikari's side.

"Ow that's just great how am I suppose to avoid him when I sit right next to him in like all my hours." Takashi thought to herself as they saw the gates of Tenjo High the school that they attended.

"come on" a voice said from the school steps.

The four of them noticed it was Shade on the steps, he always seemed to wait for them

"hurry up will be late......again" he exclaimed

They hurried into the school yard and on to the steps meeting up with Shade. They went in the hall,the bell had already rung, went on there way and entered the class room to there surprise the teacher hadn't arrived yet in the room but they weren't complaining. They sat down Takashi buried her arms in her head. The teacher walked in the class. She was an older woman with grey hair, hazel eyes and a pointy nose. She wore an old kimono that fit her name just right, Mrs.Scrubs.

"Good morning" she said in a shrival voice
"its nice to see all your bright shining faces" she added

She look out at the class no one was smiling.

"Ok then everybody get out your homework" the old hag said

The class did as she said most of them where scared of her so they didn't bother not to listen.
The teacher stunk her nose in her book which was in one hand and a rular in the other and started.

"Number one x/90"

She raised her eyes just above her book so she could see the class. She wasn't surpised to see Takashi like most days lately had her head down and wasn't paying attention. She slammed her rular down on Takashi desk so close it could of hit her in the head.

"Mrs.Kodoeachy(co doe each y) PAY ATTION"

Slowly Takashi pulled her head up. This was a regular day for her,for some reson the old hag always picked on her because she didn't like her last name no one nose why.

"Whatever" Takshi said tuning her head to the side as if she was trying the annoy the teacher.

"Where's your homework"

"Homework" she flashed a confused look

"Yes problems 1-30 in you text book" the teacher sneered

"Ow that............I didn't do it" Takashi said it wasn't un-normal for Takashi not to have her homework.

"Then you'll see me in after school deteion"

"I don't want to see you anywhere" she mumbled under breath "Like I'll be going " Takashi said getting a little annoyed her self.

"You're a disgrace" the old hag was trying to work her nerve "Wait I take that back............ your whole family is a disgrace" she sneered.

Takashi's eyes filled with rage it wasn't hard to make her mad. She stood up knocking the chair behind her off is legs. She staired the teacher dead in the eye, cluching the collar for the women's scrubby kimono while her other hand was inglufed in flames.

"This is the first time she's used her fire power since the dreams started" Hikari thought to her self as she stood up ready to catch Takashi's attack.

Mushra who was asleep at his desk, he never seemed to get in trouble for it.

Shade and Gaara stood as well knowing Takashi wasn't going to hold back after what the hag had said.

Takashi not even looking the teacher in the eye now had her fist balled up tight, she swung as her fist flew though the air stoping an inch in front of the teacher face. Something was restraining her from moving on any further in her attack. She looked to her side she saw Shade at one shoulder and Gaara at the other shouder while Hikari had her arm. Takashi knew that they woundnt let her go any father with her plan, her hand slowly returned to normal as the flames went out. The three of them let her go as she still stood in disgust.

" LEAVE NOW" the old hag yelled at the purpled eyed girl.

" GLADLY" she yelled back.

She left the room yanking the door open and slamming it almost tearing it henges. The other three went to leave the room to go get her lord knows what she could do.

"Where do you think your going" Mrs.Scrubs said

The three of them sat back down in there set avoiding more trouble.


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Falconlobo on December 27, 2007, 9:36:18 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconlobowhat a mean teacher

Animegurl4life on December 6, 2007, 8:46:45 AM

Animegurl4life on
Animegurl4lifeHEY!!! I don't act like that...

mushra: suuuuuuuuure u don't

*pouts* hmph!!! i wanna kill miss scrubs