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Chapter 4 - rage that can only come from a demon

hey guys this is a story with a few of my own OCs and my friends with severl crossover i do not own any of the anime i use in my story well i hope you like it

Chapter 4 - rage that can only come from a demon

Chapter 4 - rage that can only come from a demon
The bell for first hour to end rang. Hikari woke Mushra from his sleep and told him what had happened he didn't see why Takashi would want to hit the teacher she was always so him. Hikari Mushra and Gaara went in the hall Shade fallowed.

"Hey Shade stay here and cover for the three of us were going to go find Takashi" she told the dark haired boy.

He nodded and went off to second hour while the other went down the hall.

"We better hurry before she runs to far" the red head said

"aw come on why now she's probably already ran to far for us to find her" the tired lavender head boy complained

"You and I both know that Takashi doesn't run she's probably just went to blow off sum steam" Hikari told the boy.

"Like she doesn't have enough of that" he mumbled "why cant we go home and wait for her there" he said a bit annoyed.

"No were going to go find her" Gaara said raising his voice at the lavender headed boy, they always seemed to get into a fight about something.

"hm I think you like her"

Gaara stunned at Mushra's remark didn't say anything after that.

"Come on we better hurry before another wild fire breaks out. Hikari said smiling a bit at Gaara's reaction.

They walked out on the steps as the bight sun shun in there eye's Hikari with one hand at her forhead to block out the sun. Looking around she saw a large gray smoke cloud coming up from some near by trees.

"See now what did I tell ya" Hakari said proudly and smiling.

The other didn't reply instead they walked over towards the trees, Mushra with his hands behide his head using them as a pillow, Gaara who still shooken up by Mushra's remark, and Hikari walking at a steady pace. When they finally reached the opening where Takashi had went they saw her shooting large fire balls or strikes at tree which had the impression of Mrs.Scrubs on it.

"Die" she yelled still very anger from before and her eyes were still flooded with rage.

"Takashi come down" Hikari said to her younger twin

Takashi not noticing who it was ready to turn and strike the person. She swiftly did turn around and charged after the closes person which was indeed Gaara. Gaara noticing that she was headed his way foamed a hand sign or two, his hand became incased in sand ready catch Takashi's flaming fist which came so very close to hitting him. She fell to her knee's her eye's changed from there ember red state back to there bight purple finally catching her thoughts and knowing what she had done fell to the ground on her knee's.

Hikari busy stringing water from her hands and extinguishing the flames which were on all the surrounding tree's.

"You know Gaara if that would have hit you even with your shied and sand armor it could have killed you" Hikari said not surpised this happened regularly except this time she was over powered by her own power she wasn't even conscious
of the hit she was about to land on Gaara

"Its like somethings controlling her" Hikari thought to her self as she extinguished the last of the fire.

Gaara's sand on his arm fell to the ground and then flew up into the gourd on his back. Then helping Takashi off the ground and placing, then he placed one of her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall. She was out of it and her energy was drained and she was struggling to keep her eyes open as.

"Now if that's not liking her I don't now what is" Mushra thought to him self while smiling.


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Animegurl4life on December 6, 2007, 12:00:05 PM

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Animegurl4lifeMushra-kun is smartical. he knows what gaara doesn;t know he knows. NEW CHAPTER!!! yAYZ!!!!!!