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Chapter 5 - shining stars please lead the way

hey guys this is a story with a few of my own OCs and my friends with severl crossover i do not own any of the anime i use in my story well i hope you like it

Chapter 5 - shining stars please lead the way

Chapter 5 - shining stars please lead the way
* Later when they arrived at the house *

Takashi and Gaara came threw the door first with Mushra and Hikari right behind them.

“I think you need to rest” Gaara said to the purple eyed girl with his eyes full of concern

Takashi and her headstrong self marched strait up the stairs pertending not to hear him and also acting as she was refusing to rest. When she got up stairs she did so intend to rest fro every bone in her body felt as if it was on fire. She walked into her bathroom and turned on the hot water adding no cold, the water began the fall from the fouset and steam filled the whole bathroom, slipping out of her cloths and into the bath she tired to relax leaning her head on the back of the tub.

*down stair*

“its so fustrating” the red hear said his face turning the color of his hair

“whats so fustrating” Hikari reply with a puzzled look on her face

“do you think he’s mad cause I ate his last cookie” Mushra whispered in Hikari’s ear

“for once that’s not it , but I mean she wont tell me anything she keeps to her self and hardly smiles and when she does shes just smileing so we wont worry” he said

well she doesn’t want to consern you in her problem she doesn’t want you like many of her other loved ones to get hurt” she said

“loved ones” his face confused

“heh you know like a best friend like loved one” she said scraching the back of her head

“and they cant relize they like each other, they really are slow” the lavender head boy thought to him self

“fine ill explain” Hikari said as she stared to tell all about what was going on .

*back up stair*

Takashi who could hear every word being spoke down stairs , wish she could remember more she thought of the one moment she remembered the most.

____Flash back____

“hey moma whats that one “ a lil girl said with her long black hair flowing every slow slitely in the wind

“that’s the big dipper” said the mother pointing at the dark sky lite by many stars

“hey moma what are the stars” said the other girl with short brown hair

“ well some say there just big balls of light and energy up there but I don’t think so at tall”

“ what do you mean moma “ the darker headed one said turning to her mothers face

“well when I was little like you I asked my mother the same question, she told me of the legend of the stars”

“is the legend ture” the brown haired gurl said

“yes very real” the mothers voice lowerd

“tell us tell us” the black haird girl said

“she said that every star is its own person and has its own person that the stars are elders wise and there when you call for them”

“ you mean like a gauidain angel” the brown hair girl said looking a little confused

“well sorta, you see the give advice and only give phical help to the one who are in dier need of it, they are also told to be the ancseter of of whom every they are elder to”

“cool” the to small girl said together

“do I have one moma” the blacked girl said moving her bangs out of her eyes

“yes silly every one has an elder”

“awesome” they said both together again

_________end flash back__________

Takashi who was already out of the tub in her cloths and on the balcony leaning against the stone railing with her head down she slowly looked up at the shinning stars and whispered slowly “what now elder………what now”

*down stair*

“owwwwwww so that’s why “ Gaara said dumbfounded

“yeah so that’s your story for ya” Hikari said takeing a large breath

Mushra quiet for once taking a sip of tea and seting down his cup “im going to bed” he said and headed up the stairs

“ill be up in a minute” she said looking up at the stair and then turning back to Gaara “so don’t worry about her shes only thinking of your safety “
she said and leaving it at that she went up the stair

* back up stairs *

Takashi was in bed and asleep surprisingly. Gaara walked in to say what he needed to say but to his dismay Takashi was asleep. He went over to the bed were she lay and pulled the covers up and placed a kiss on her forhead like a father would do. He began to walk out “ sweet dreams “ he walked out and just befor he shut it “hopefully”

Gaara who didn’t notice Mushra standing by the door, he went down stair with out a sound. Mushra still standing at the side of the door

“now if tjat isn’t like I don’t know what is” he thought to him self.


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Animegurl4lifemushra, what are you. the dating police?

M:'s just they teased me b4 we were together, so now it's my turn,


you really shouldnt be like that, now. were about to go to bed...

fines. update soon, sis. i'll try to update mine...