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Chapter 6 - is this for real is he really alive

hey guys this is a story with a few of my own OCs and my friends with severl crossover i do not own any of the anime i use in my story well i hope you like it

Chapter 6 - is this for real is he really alive

Chapter 6 - is this for real is he really alive
* dream *

Takashi who seemed to be in a dark place with no light , so dark she couldn't even see her hand in front of her face. She felt an emptiness , loneliness , cold , like a jail . She saw something in the distance. It got closer and closer, unsure of what could be behind her she was afraid to move back. As it got closer it seemed to be an energy of some sort but as it got closer the air around became warm and soothing. When it was about 6ft from her it stopped moving. The ball like energy started to form a glowing silhouette formed a human figure and details formed as well right before Takashi's eyes. The figure that had formed seemed to be a women no older that 30. She wore a long plain purple kimono that covered her feet. The figures eye were closed but, when they opened the glistened in a sea green color. Her hair was long blond and pulled into two pig tails that draped over her shoulders.

"Young one Takashi you have called and I am hear to answer" the figure said in a soft voice that was calm and low.

"Wh.........who are you" Takashi said in a stutter

"Elder Hinabi I am your elder that helps you when you need it surly you remember your mother telling you the story about us"

" do you know about my mother"

"Dear I know every thing about you"

"everything" Takashi said with a confused look on her face.

"Yes, the day you were born, what happened to your mother, I know that you stutter when your nervous or thinking on something hard, that you have sister named Hikari, that your favorite color is blue, your element is fire, and that you secretly like that Gaara boy"

"Do not" Takashi said glaring at Hinabi.

Hinabi laughed a little at her reaction

"So who are you exactly sicne elders re sapose to be related to who ever there assigned to " Takashi said still glaring a little bit at her elder.

" I am your third great grandmother on your mothers side"

"Wow you don't look old"

"Well we stay looking young so that when we come to you you will under stand more than you would if we looked old"

"Hmmmm so your sapose me right"

"As much as I can"

"Could you tell me who killed my mother"

"Well if only we knew our self me and the other elders have been trying to figure that out for some time now ,but the enemy is cloking himself from us it is very high level magic to keep us from seeing him. He must be very powerful"

"Hmmm I have nothing to run on both my parents have died and I have no other family "

"Oh you don't know"

"Know what" Takashi face was confused looking.

"Your father has not died"

"Bu.........but I saw him get caught in the big explosion "

"But he didn't die he survived with a few scars "

"Then were is he" he voice raised

"We are unsure all we know is that he is possessed and under the cloking of your mothers killer"

Takashi's eyes were filled with joy

"Your are beginning to wake from your dream" the elder spoke

Dream, she thought to her self "wait is this a dream or is this real" Takashi said reaching for the figure.

"You believe what you think it is" the elder said as the started to fade

"But wait I have so many questions to ask" she said

"In do time you will learn" she said as she began to be transparent "remember don't let your anger take control if you do you'll lose sight of every thing" in saying that the elder turned into energy again and started to float away in the distance.

Takshi reached out to get it ,but from under her the invisible ground broke. Takashi seemed to be falling into nothing screaming but nothing was heard

*end dream*

Takashi flung up in her bed, her pillow was wet from sweat and the air around her was hot.


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Falconlobo on December 27, 2007, 9:41:42 AM

Falconlobo on

zerotimberwolf on December 21, 2007, 12:22:12 PM

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zerotimberwolfGaraa: Takashi, are you ok? 0_0'

Animegurl4life on December 13, 2007, 10:53:06 AM

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Animegurl4lifeWOAH! when you told me that you left out puncuation, you ment it. no more staying up late, writing, for you, missy. It was an awesome chapter though. HAHA!!! Even our grandma knows you like gaara. lolz

pokemongirl on December 13, 2007, 2:40:08 AM

pokemongirl on
pokemongirlwow...really good!