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Chapter 8 - Thirteen

Just some info on my characters so you can get to know them better. By the way, this is all officially copyrighted!

Chapter 8 - Thirteen

Chapter 8 - Thirteen
Name: 013 (Thirteen) a.k.a. Atticus

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120lbs

Hair colour: Baby blue

Eye colour: Blue

Likes: His girlfriend; Abbey, spray painting, and sleeping in the graveyard on sunny afternoons

Dislikes: Prodigies, fighting (or rather violence or any kind), razor blades, fire, and cigars and/or cigarettes

Personality: Thirteen was separated from his mother at age five. He was wandering the streets alone when he was found by Thirty-two. Because of the abuse (physically, not sexually) he's suffered in the past, Thirteen has a fear of his fellow human being, men particularly. To calm himself, he spray paints murals. He is actually a very skilled and beautiful artist. After meeting with Abbey, the dictator of Bartholomew's daughter, he has started to become more social. In fact, it was she who named him Atticus. She is slowly lifting his self esteem, but he still remains a little skittish at times. The best way to approach Thirteen is with a gentle nature.

How I Want Him To Sound: Like Danny Cooksey! In case you're unfamiliar with who that is, he's known for many things. The most popular thing he's known for; doing the voice of Jack Spicer from "Xiaolin Showdown"! He was also the lead singer the totally awesome 90's metal band Bad 4 Good, and played a minor role in "Terminator 2". You may even know him the show "Salute Your Shorts"...Either way, he always sounds the same. For a really fun reference to get the idea on how I want Thirteen to sound, go to, look up "Nothing Great About A Heartache", and make sure it's by Bad 4 Good. Once you've got the idea of how I want Thirteen to sound, just imagine Jack Spicer singing! That really IS the same guy!



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