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Chapter 10 - Twenty-six

Just some info on my characters so you can get to know them better. By the way, this is all officially copyrighted!

Chapter 10 - Twenty-six

Chapter 10 - Twenty-six
Name: 026 (Twenty-six)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4

Weight: 122lbs

Hair colour: Green

Eye colour: Brown

Likes: Quiet, food, and hanging out with and/or being accepted by his peers; Thirteen and Thirty-two

Dislikes: Thinking, people being mean to him over his low mental abilities, and hunger

Personality: Twenty-six's life started out the roughest of them all, from his very birthing. He was born a bit too early, causing a little brain damage. Not only that, but his mother could not feed him. Only days after his birth, she herself ended up starving to death. By the time he was found, he was half-dead himself, having suffered starvation and sickness due to being held by a dead body. Somehow, he miraculously made it through and was nursed back to health. For the majority of his childhood, he was sent to live at the orphanage alongside Thirty-two. Often made fun of for his slow and strained thoughts, he was a loner. Finally, one day he and Thirty-two were adopted. Since they have grown up together nearly his whole life, Twenty-six sorta looks up to Thirty-two as a big brother...even though he's taller than Thirty-two.

How I Want Him To Sound: Er...I'm not real sure right now. My brother suggested Van's voice (from the show "Reba". I'm not sure who plays that guy...), but I'm a little undecided.



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