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Chapter 4 - They Meet

A series of poems telling the story of my character Milt, the man with a television for a head. My friend and I are working on turning it into a rock opera too, so that'll be cool...

Chapter 4 - They Meet

Chapter 4 - They Meet
She saw him a good ways from way down the block
So it was toward him that she started to walk.
As she apporached him, her heart beated fast...
Just what would he say if she just were to ask?
At last it was time, he was in the right place...
But she just couldn't look him in his screen of a face.
She just let him pass and said nothing at all,
But that's when she tripped and she started to fall.
She sat and recovered as best as she could...
That's when she looked up, and above her he stood.
He stretched out his arm and he offered her help,
But all she could say was a small surprised yelp.
His hand still outstretched, he was cool and was calm
When she got up the courage and grasped of his palm.
He pulled her up and looked her in the eye.
All she could bring herself to say was just, "Hi."
Just a nod of his head and a small wave of his hand
Was the only response from this TV-headed man.
So then he turned at a leisurely rate
To leave when suddenly she yelled, "Wait!"
He turned his head back as she stood there alone
When she said, "If it's okay, can I walk you home?"
He gestured to her and gave her the okay,
And then by his side, they were both on their way.


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