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Chapter 5 - Inside The Yeager Home

A series of poems telling the story of my character Milt, the man with a television for a head. My friend and I are working on turning it into a rock opera too, so that'll be cool...

Chapter 5 - Inside The Yeager Home

Chapter 5 - Inside The Yeager Home
Inside the Yeager home was all sorts of things,
And had junk been gold, he'd be richer than kings!
Like in one corner was all kinds of cans
Of many assorted soda pop brands
Gears filled one corner, while radios filled two.
There was so much junk there wasn't much room to move!
But there were a few new things that this being did own...
A TV, ironically, sat in the floor of his home.
Next to the TV was an old PS2
That had a guitar with it that you could use.
Then this strange being continued his tour,
And they proceeded through the next door.
Inside the next room, clocks hung on the walls,
And there were so many, they stretched down his hall!
There were all sorts of clocks for one to behold,
And some hardly worked, for they were so old.
One was a cuckoo, and one looked like a cat,
And in the far corner a huge Grandfather sat!
He really liked clocks, and that could be said
(Despite that it was a TV he had for a head)
But that room was the limit of their little tour
So then they went back through the previous door.


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