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Chapter 7 - The Jock

A series of poems telling the story of my character Milt, the man with a television for a head. My friend and I are working on turning it into a rock opera too, so that'll be cool...

Chapter 7 - The Jock

Chapter 7 - The Jock
The Jock was a man of status and charm.
He was often seen with a girl on each arm.
He was the town hero, and won many games,
And not one single person did not know his name.
He played almost every sport that was known to mankind,
And if you got in his way, he would kick your behind!
(Though of course, I just cannot say
That he woulda particularly said it that way)
One day he was feeling exceptionally cool
As he strutted his way through the hallways of school
When all of a sudden he stopped in his tracks
And watched as her curves moved forward then back.
He'd had many before, but it was now all a blur...
He just couldn't recall if he'd ever had her!
Just to be sure, her he would have to get!
And maybe- just once -grab her part which she used to sit!


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