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Chapter 8 - Say, Babe...

A series of poems telling the story of my character Milt, the man with a television for a head. My friend and I are working on turning it into a rock opera too, so that'll be cool...

Chapter 8 - Say, Babe...

Chapter 8 - Say, Babe...
Say, Babe, I noticed that you were alone,
So how would you like if I took you home?
We could go to my place and have a good time!
I promise I won't tell, though it's not a crime.

Say, Babe, I noticed that you had no man,
So let's go to my house and let's make a plan.
It'll be great, yeah, it'll be fine!
I swear I'll be gentle if it's your first time...

Say, Babe, I promise to be your prize bull,
If you meet me in my back seat today after school.
Just come to my car an' I'll give ya a ride,
and after we're done, you can lay by my side!

Say, Babe, I think that you look very fine.
Wouldn't you like it if I called you mine?
And just how would you like to call me your jock,
If we got in my car and we started to rock?

Say, Babe, I noticed that you're very hot.
How 'bout we get naked right here on the spot?
If I say you turn me on, then what do you say?
I'll even let you pick our style and our way!

Say, Babe, today can be your lucky day!
Say, Babe, why is it you're walkin' away?


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