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Chapter 1 - The Triplets Are Born

A story of Kovu and Kiara's 3 cubs Zumaradi, Upenzi and Baa. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - The Triplets Are Born

Chapter 1 - The Triplets Are Born
It was early in the morning in the Savannah. So early that it was still dark yet all of the animals from all over the Pride Lands were making their way to Pride Rock. The kingdom of king Simba and his lioness, Nala. The animals made their way over to pride rock where right at the top, stood king Simba and queen Nala with the wise old baboon, Rafiki. next to them lay their daughter Kiara with her mate Kovu. Kiara was gently washing 3 newborn cubs. They were all girls. The oldest cub was Simba's colour with Nala's pelt and beautiful emerald eyes. She looked just like her grandparents, king Simba and queen Nala! Her name was Zumaradi. The next oldest cub was a golden cub with Kiara's fur colour and Kovu's pelt and mouth and sky blue eyes. Her name was Upenzi. The youngest cub was dark red like Kovu with Kovu's brown pelt and a brown stripe going down her back. Her name was Baa. Kiara and Kovu smiled at their new cubs as Kovu nuzzled his mate gently on her cheek. Rafiki smiled and picked Zumaradi up. It was getting light now and the sun started to peak from behind the clouds. In the clouds, 2 figures formed. One was an old lion that looked a lot like Simba. This was Simba's father, Mufasa, the old ruler of Pride Rok before he was pushed to his death by his evil brother Taka, or just Scar. The other figure was a yound lion that looked alot like SImba when he was a cub but he had a brown tuft of hair on his head. This was Kopa, Simba and Nala's first son that got killed by Scar's mate Zira when he was only a few months old. They stared down at the happy ceremony taking place under them. Rafiki opened up a fruit and a red powder emerged from it. He dipped his thumb into the powder and spread it across Zumaradi's head. Then he walked right to the edge of Pride Rock and lifted Zumaradi into the air for all of the animals to see. They all cheered and then bowed to the new princess. Rafiki brough her down and gave her back to Kiara. Then Rafuiki did the same for Upenzi and Baa. The new princesses, were now part of the great circle of life.


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