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Chapter 4 - The Cub Fight

A story of Kovu and Kiara's 3 cubs Zumaradi, Upenzi and Baa. Enjoy!

Chapter 4 - The Cub Fight

Chapter 4 - The Cub Fight

Meanwhile, Kovu was looking for Baa in the tall grass. Kovu pushed some grass awau and saw Baa sitting by a rock snarling.

"Hey Baa! Where were you?" Kovu growled angrily at his daughter.

"It's not fair!" Baa growled. Kovu picked her up in his mouth and walked her home. He dropped her on the cave floor.

"Now you never wander pff again, do you understand me young lady?" Kovu asked.

"Yes daddy." Baa lowered her head. Kovu walked off to find Kiara. That moment, Vitani walked back through the cave mouth with a wildebeest in her fangs. She dropped it on the floor and all of the cubs surrounded it and started to tear at the meaty flesh. Jini, Nguyu,Embamba and Kipusa also came along and joined in the feast. Vitani walked off to find Kovu.

"Did you find Baa?" She asked him curiously.

"Yes, she was by a rock snarling!" Kovu said. Kiara and Vitani looked worried.

"She has never ran off before, do you think something is bothering her?" Kiara asked Kovu.

"I'm sure she's just fine!" Kovu smiled as he nuzzled Vitani gently. Back where the cube were eating their wildebeest, Jini stuck his nose into the meaty flesh. So did Zumaradi. They were both licking the rib cage when their noses touched. They both looked suprised. Baa growled and nipped Zumaradi's ear.

"Ouch!" Zumaradi screamed as blood dripped from her ear. Upenzi growled and knocked her head into Baa's head. Baa growled and pushed Upenzi over. Epesi helped Upenzi up but Busu pushed Epesi over and he did a flip over Upenzi and landed ontop of her. Epesi blew his fringe out of his eyes and looked up at his sister as she snorted loudly. Embamba scratched Busu down her thigh and she mewed painfully. She then growled at Embamba and bit her tail sharply. She screamed and Kipusa scratched Busu's cheek. Busu then scratched Kipusa down her neck and laughed as Kipusa and Embamba crashed heads and landed on the floor. Malaika, Embamba's sister pranced in and Nguyu tripped over her causing them both to fall to the floor. Malaika started to cry which brought Kovu, Kiara, Vitani, Akida, Yukuti, Adhama, Chanua, Erevu and Tamu running to see what was going on. They all gasped when they saw their children fighting. They seperated all of the cubs from each other. The commotion sent Nala and Simba running down the cave to see what was going on.

"What happened?" Nala asked alarmed.

"We came in to find our cubs fighting!" Erevu shouted.

"What's oing on little ones?" Simba asked the snarling cubs.

"Baa bit my ear!" Zumaradi hissed.

"That's because her and Jini were kissing!" Baa growled. "And then Upenzi knocked her head into mine!"

"That's because Baa was hurting Zumaradi!" Upenzi Yowled "And then Baa pushed me!"

"That's because you hit me!" Baa mewed.

"And Busu pushed me over and I landed on top of Upenzi!" Epesi howled.

"That's because he helped Upenzi up!" Busu snarled. "And then Embamba scratched my thigh!"

"That's because she hurt Epesi and Upenzi!" Embamba hollered. "And then she bit my tail!"

"Because you scratched me!" Busu snarled again. "And then Kipusa scrathed my cheek!"

"That's because she hurt Embamba and then she scratched my neck!" Kipusa meowed painfully and Busu snarled.

"Nguyu hurt me!" Malaika cried.

"I didn't mean to, I just tripped over her!" Nguyu complained. The parents started at their cubs in shcok and took them away from each other.

"Maybe you will all calm down after some rest!" The parents said to their cubs whilst settling them into bed.


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Falconloboman this isn't going very well^^