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Chapter 6 - The Ancient Prophecy. But What Could It Mean?

A story of Kovu and Kiara's 3 cubs Zumaradi, Upenzi and Baa. Enjoy!

Chapter 6 - The Ancient Prophecy. But What Could It Mean?

Chapter 6 - The Ancient Prophecy. But What Could It Mean?

Baa stared up at the huge lion and backed away a bit. The lion reared up and then stamped his paws on the ground.

"My name is Mandadi." The black lion said swiftly.

"Hi, my name is Baa!" Baa stuttered.

"Why are you here?" Manhadi asked.

"I tried to murder my sister because she liked the lion that I did and I ran away after that! I probably would have got exciled anyway!" Baa sat up and tipped her head.

"You sound like you have taste for the oulands. Come back to my mother's lair and I'll ask her if you can join our clan." Baa's face lit up with excitement.

"You mean it?" Baa smiled.

"Yes and we can attack the Pride Landers when me and you are both adults. Mother told me so!" Manhadi snarled. Baa nodded and followed Adhama across the dry, bone infested savannah. Meanwhile, back at the Pride Lands, Kiara was crying into Kovu's chest."Why did she do this! Why did she try to murder her sister and then ran away!" Kiara weeped as Kovu comforted her.

"She would have been exciled anyway Kiara, she was never a nice cub adn you know it! When your cubs were born, Rafiki told of a prophecy of three princesses and one would turn evil and rule a new land and make blood and tears spill over her family" Simba explained.

"But what does it mean by ruling a new land? If Baa ran away, what could she possibly rule now and what are blood and tears got to do with Baa?" Kovu asked.

"Were not sure Kovu, but time will reveal it's secrets!" Nala soothed.

"Don't worry mum, you still have us!" Zumaradi smiled. Kiara smiled and hugged her cubs tightly.

"I know." Kiara said as she licked their heads in turn and they all stared into the stars, facing the outlands.


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