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Chapter 1 - Off To School

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 1 - Off To School

Chapter 1 - Off To School
“Sonic! Wake up, you’re going to be late for school!” Amy shouted as Sonic threw his pillow back over his head.
“SONIC!” Amy screamed again, this time rampaging into Sonic’s room causing him to plummet to the ground.
“It’s time for school.” Amy repeated.
“I’m not going to school today.” Sonic said with a yawn.
“Oh yes you are! Get up and get ready, everyone’s waiting for you!” Amy repeated as she stormed out to get Sonic’s breakfast ready.
“Ugh, Amy’s so annoying!” Sonic frowned as he shook himself awake and went to have a wash. He came out of the bathroom and into the huge living room of Estherville Apartment to see all of his roomies eating breakfast on a large brown table prepared by Amy. A sad look spread across Sonic’s face when he didn’t see his brother, Manic helping Amy with the cooking or one of his best friends, Knuckles, sitting down and stuffing his face with marmalade toast. Manic and Knuckles had mysteriously disappeared towards the start of the school year and no one had ever seen them since. They were in Sonic’s group, “Romy” but now, Sonic and Shadow were the only one’s left. They were the “bad boys” who always got into trouble but Sonic and Shadow were finding it hard since Knuckles and Manic disappeared.
“Sit down Sonic, you’re porridge is getting cold!” Amy snapped.
“Porridge? But I wanted chilli dogs!” Sonic whined.
“Porridge or nothing!” Amy said with a sharp tone.
“Alright, porridge it is!” Sonic replied sitting down next to Tails and Wave to eat.
“Hey, have you heard any news of Knuckles or Manic yet?” Shadow called across the table to Sonic with a bowl of cereal in his hands.
“Unfortunately, no.” Sonic shouted back.
“NO SHOUTING AT THE TABLE!” Amy screamed to Sonic and Shadow who immediately looked away and sat quietly eating their breakfast. Suddenly, Vector marched into the room with his usual scruffy brown outfit and a mop in his hand.
“I’ve cleaned the bathroom after all of you filthy creatures have used it and now its spic and span!” Vector gleamed.
“Vector, don’t you think you should really be at school instead of cleaning the apartment all day?” Charmy asked cautiously as he punched the air with one of his usual kung fu tricks.
“Yeah, because your grades are like, totally going down, which is a bad thing you know, but it might be good to some people but who knows! I mean, I don’t know about you but wanting to be a janitor is so last season! I mean, everyone wants to be air boarders now like me and the rest of the crew! I mean, you can ride an air board right Vector? Vector? VECTOR!”
“Oh put a cork in it Jet!” Cream shouted at the hawk.
“Chao!” Cream’s sidekick, Cheese nodded. Suddenly, Rouge’s horrific, snorting laugh was heard across the whole room!
“That’s so funny!” Rouge snorted.
“Rouge, please! You’ll upset the garden!” Cosmo said quietly as she pointed to a squished up balcony full of potted plants and an apple tree and a small tennis court squished in the corner.
“If you don’t mind, me and Gamma are going to practice some tennis before we leave for school.” Omega said as he walked off with Gamma behind him with their tennis rackets and tennis uniforms on. Espio stood up quietly and followed them out. No one except Bartleby, Espio’s best friend, knew that Espio was nosy and that’s why he is so quiet all the time. Espio was secretly going to spy on the robotic tennis players.
”I’m off early to do Pakour.” Blaze said shortly as she got up and threw a rucksack over her shoulder.
“Blaze, you can’t miss school again! What about your grades?” Silver asked astonished as he took off his reading glasses and looked up from his book.
“Watch me!” Blaze said as she picked up her air board, “Flame Lance” and rushed out of the apartment. Silver shook his head and replaced his reading glasses back onto his eyes and looked back at his book.
“Sonia, I seem to have misplaced my tickets! Can you help me find them?” Bartleby asked in a panic as he franticly rushed around the apartment trying to find his lunch tickets.
“Again?” Sonia asked as she paused “Jak and Daxter” and threw the controller on the floor to help Bartleby look for his lunch tickets. She lifted up his cereal bowl and held up 2 lunch tickets.
“Bartleby!” Sonia called.
“Yes?” Bartleby replied as he fell and did a forward roll right into the PS2, pulling out the plug and cancelling the unsaved game.
“Oh, now I remember! Thanks Sonia.” Bartleby smiled as he took his tickets back.
“BARTLEBY! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JAK AND DAXTER?” Sonia asked in a frantic hissy voice. Bartleby hesitated and then ran.
“Shouldn’t we be getting ready to leave now? It’s trampoline practice in gym today!” Storm grinned as he grabbed his rucksack and his air board, “Type-S” and rushed to the door.
“I’ll leave when I’m ready! I’m still eating my breakfast!” Tails snapped at storm and went back to eating his muffin. Sonic’s face fell as he heard the word “gym” and “breakfast”. Knuckles had loved gym before he disappeared, even though he always forgot his gym kit leaving Amy to trail after him on her tattered motorbike to give it back to him and Manic would always be cooking in his spare time, especially at breakfast time.
“I’ve been kind enough to get everyone’s bags in alphabetical order for you!” Wave said pointing to everyone’s bags. Everyone mumbled a thanks and picked up their bags and air boards as Amy opened the door.
“Have a good day at school all of you!” Amy smiled at everyone.
“Wait for me!” Big called as he ran out of his animal sanctuary with his school bag.
“Big, you left school 5 years ago!” Cream pointed out.
“Oh yeah, I forgot! Come on Froggy.” Big said to his best friend as he went back into his animal sanctuary. Everyone except Vector, who was washing the dishes, piled out of the door and rode on their way to school.
“They grow up so fast!” Amy smiled as she shut the door behind her to get back to her cooking.


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