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Chapter 2 - History Project

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 2 - History Project

Chapter 2 - History Project
“Ugh, today’s gonna be sooooooooo lame!” Sonic said as he walked down the corridor with Shadow.
“I know, I mean, World History Day? Give me a break!” Shadow replied as he rolled his eyes.
“Uh oh, Geoffrey at 8 O’clock!” Sonic gasped as a fox with red glasses and ginger hair skipped towards them. Geoffrey was known for being a nerd and he hangs around with Tails, Silver and Wave.
“Hello guys! Nice day isn’t it?” Geoffrey asked Sonic and Shadow with a grin on his face. Shadow and Sonic looked at Geoffrey and then at each other.
“Ok, what is it this time?” Sonic asked after a minute.
“Something extraordinary!” Geoffrey replied with a slight jump.
“Will you get on with it already?” Shadow snapped.
“Sorry, um, yes, we get the day off school!” Geoffrey beamed. Sonic and Shadow’s eyes widened and then they grabbed each other’s hands and started jumping up and down chanting, “We miss school!” Over and over again but Geoffrey obviously hadn’t finished.
“For a history project!” Geoffrey screamed happily as he grabbed Sonic and Shadow’s hands and started to jump up and down with them but Sonic and Shadow weren’t jumping anymore.
“What do you mean?” Shadow shouted as he pushed Geoffrey to the floor.
“I mean, we get a week off school to prepare a history project!” Geoffrey replied as he stood up and dusted himself off and then adjusted his huge, round glasses. Sonic and Shadow gritted their teeth and then walked back to the air board parking lot to get their air boards.
“Don’t worry Sonic, we can get out of this! All we have to do is persuade Amy to not let us do them or get Geoffrey to do them for us!” Shadow grinned.
“You make this sound easy Shadow!” Sonic sighed. “I wish Knuckles and Manic were here!”
“I do too and we will find them! We can’t be a duo forever, Romy was made for 4, not 2!” Shadow replied as he strapped his air-skates, “Darkness” on and Sonic jumped on to his air board, “Blue Star II”.
“I know Shadow.” Sonic replied half-heartedly. “Hey, why are you using Darkness? What happened to Black Shot?” Sonic asked as he realised Shadow was wearing his air-skates and not using his air board, “Black Shot”.
“I’m getting Tails and Silver to repair it for me, one of the rebound coils fell off.” Shadow replied.
“Oh, ok.” Sonic said as he strapped his Gravity Stone to his wrist and Shadow did the same.
“Let’s go!” Shadow screamed as they both raced off into the distance back home.


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