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Chapter 3 - New Students

Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.

Chapter 3 - New Students

Chapter 3 - New Students
Sonic and Shadow rode right into the house.
“Messy, messy, messy! Look at these tyre tracks!” Vector said as he took out his grey cloth from his back pocket and poured on some cleaning fluid. Sonic and Shadow looked at each other and then backed out of the door to put their boards and skates away. Whilst outside, Sonic and Shadow had a little conversation.
“You ask Amy to do our projects first!” Sonic told Shadow.
“No way! You ask!” Shadow replied.
“No!” Sonic said as he folded his arms and turned his back on Shadow. “I’m the leader of Romy, that means you have to do what I say!”
“But….grrrrr.” Shadow replied in a grumpy tone and stomped back into the house followed by Sonic who had a satisfied grin on his face.
“Amy, we need you to do our projects!” Shadow said very fast.
“NO!” Amy shouted. “Do them yourselves”! Shadow and Sonic’s faces fell. Amy was just about to start a lecture when suddenly, the two “Cheaper By The Dozen” tennis robots walked into the room.
“I won!” They said at the same time.
“What do you mean you won? I won fair and square!” Gamma screamed.
“What do you mean? Your red! That means you lose!” Omega replied.
“What? But you’re red too!” Gamma pointed out.
“Yes, but you have a scratch on your arm so that makes you look different! Your black and red too so you lose anyway!”
“But you’re...” Gamma started but Amy butted in.
“Well, maybe you would know who won if you actually bothered to write down the scores once in a while!” Amy quietly spoke, trying not to get mad.
“Thanks Amy!” The robots chanted as they each grabbed some paper and ran out into the balcony, knocking over one of Cosmo’s prized plants and setting their tennis court up.
“Oh no! No one has ever knocked over Cosmo’s flowers, especially her prized ones and got away with it! If she finds out she’ll kill you!” Sonic said, trying to fix the snapped stem back together with glue and paperclips. Shadow quietly tried to walk off when suddenly, Amy turned round.
”Don’t think your getting out of your project that easily!” Amy snapped with her hands on her hips when suddenly the doorbell rang. “We’ll talk about this later!” Amy said through gritted teeth as she went to answer the door. Sonic and Shadow quickly started to run up the stairs when suddenly Amy called them again.
“Oh no, looks like were in for it!” Sonic squealed.
“Sonic, Shadow, your friend Geoffrey’s here!” Amy shouted. Sonic and Shadow looked at each other.
“Oh no!” They chorused as they quickly tried to rush to their rooms again but Amy shouted again. They slowly stomped down the stairs to see Geoffrey grinning on the doorstep.
“I’ll leave you boys alone.” Amy said as she walked back to the kitchen.
“Geoffrey, if you’re here to annoy us then no point. Were already as annoyed as we can get!” Shadow grumpily said as Sonic nodded.
“Hello you two! Fancy being study partners?” Geoffrey suggested.
“No!” Sonic and Shadow screamed at the same time.
“Oh by the way, there’s two new students in our class! They look oddly familiar, a lot like you two!” Geoffrey beamed pointing at Sonic and Shadow.
“We’ll be your study partners! Tell us everything you know!” Sonic instantly said.
“Excuse us for a second.” Shadow gave a fake smile at Geoffrey as he pulled Sonic to the chairs. “You know, maybe having a freaky genius as a study partner might not be so bad!” Shadow said. Sonic didn’t look convinced. “I mean, we can sneak into the school and hack into the computer mainframe and find out where Knuckles and Manic are!” He grinned.
“Shadow, do you even know what a mainframe is?” Sonic asked.
“No! Shadow replied. “But anyway, pretty good plan huh?”
“Shadow, what in our life together makes you think that were smart enough to sneak into school? But still, genius! Let’s go for it!” Sonic grinned as they walked back to Geoffrey.
“Like we said, we’ll be your study partners on one condition.” Shadow nodded.
“We left our homework on the, uh, the computer, um, main-framage! We need you to hack in and get it for us!” Sonic grinned.
“Do you mean mainframe?” Geoffrey suggested.
“That’s the one!” Sonic screamed happily.
“You guys can do that yourself because I need to get my “Dorothy Angus Guide To Being A Great Study Partner” book!” Geoffrey grinned whilst skipping off.
“Great!” Shadow said sarcastically, “Now we’ll have to do it ourselves!”
“And how do you moorose we do that?” Sonic asked through slanted eyes and folded arms.
“You mean propose, right?” Shadow suggested raising an eyebrow.
“That’s the one!” Sonic grinned.
“I have no idea.” Shadow said with his eyes closed and arms folded. “Wait! I have it! We’ll ask Geoffrey to do it!”
“Wait a minute.” Sonic said “Didn’t we just ask Geoffrey?”
“No!” Shadow shouted. “Are you insulting my memory?” Shadow had obviously remembered but he was too proud to admit it. “What about the robots then?” Shadow suggested.
“Too tennisy!” Sonic replied.
“Then what about Amy!” Shadow asked.
“Too mumsy” Sonic said.
“Well if you’re so smart, you decide then!” Shadow shouted.
“Hmmmm, I know! Geoffrey!” Sonic beamed.
“Were right back to where we started.” Shadow sighed. “We’ll just have to do it ourselves!”

Later that night:
Shadow and Sonic skidded off their air boards and quickly threw them onto a huge pile of mud, whispering to each other about their plot whilst struggling to climb up the school gate. They weren’t smart enough to realise that they could have just flown over with their air boards but, boys will boys! They finally got over, crashing through the window completely forgetting about the security cameras.
“This way, to the ICT room!” Sonic gestured to the right.
“No! This way to the bathroom!” Shadow gestured to the left.
“Why do we need to go to the bathroom?” Sonic pondered.
“So I can comb my spines! Duh!” Shadow shouted.
“Me too!” Sonic gasped realising that his spines were sticking up. After giving their spines a nice comb, they ran, knocking lots of things over, to the ICT room.
“How are we going to get in?” Shadow asked.
“This way!” Sonic replied, picking Shadow up and throwing him at a tiny window at the top of the door. It smashed into pieces and Sonic ran towards the door.
“Now what?” Shadow asked from the opposite side.
“Use Chaos Spear, and make a hole in the door so I can get through!” Sonic told him.
“But there’s a key in the door!” Shadow pointed out.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t have any of it!” Sonic screamed. “Use Chaos Spear! NOW!”
“Ok, ok! No need to get all huffy!” Shadow snorted. “Chaos…Swiss Roll!” Shadow shouted while a Swiss roll appeared in his hand,
“What?” Sonic asked as he heard Shadow eating something from the other side of the room.
“Ah, it’s delicious!” Shadow said.
“JUST OPEN THE DOOR!” Sonic shouted.
“Ok, ok! Sheesh! Chaos Spear!” Shadow shouted as the door bulged but didn’t quite open.
“Shadow?” Sonic asked.
“AHHHH, IT BURNS!” Shadow screamed whilst running around as he got hit by the spear. He was running around so much, that he bashed into the door and it fell right off.
“At last!” Sonic said relieved. They logged into a computer. They broke it. They logged into another computer. They broke that one too. After logging into twenty computers, they finally managed to hack into the system!
“It says that there is a secret room somewhere in the school!” Sonic read through wide eyes.
“Well, where is it?” Shadow asked impatiently.
“It says that…” Sonic started before the computer started to shut down. The two hedgehogs panicked.
“Quick, I’ll get some water to clean the system with!” Shadow screamed as he threw a bucket of water over the computer. The screen went blank, and the computer shut down for good. Sonic and Shadow, now knowing that there was a secret room somewhere in the school, Sonic suggested that they split up to look for it. Shadow nodded as he started to run towards the bathroom.
“Why are you going to the bathroom?” Sonic asked.
“Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!” Shadow screamed as he ran into a cubical and locked the door. Sonic rolled his eyes and waited for Shadow to come out. Suddenly, horror struck Sonic! Shadow had entered the out of order toilet!
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Sonic screamed as Shadow flushed the toilet. Just then, a small stone fell out of the back wall. Then a larger stone, then a brick, and finally, the whole wall! “You’ve done it this time!” Sonic panicked as he slapped his forehead.
“Wait!” Shadow said. “I think that’s the secret passage!” Sonic gasped and after a while said,
“Let’s come back tomorrow!” Sonic suggested. They both walked out of the bathroom, leaving the secret passageway wide open.

Next day, Sonic and Shadow walked into the school when the head teacher, Mr. Wenselby, told the school some news that caught Sonic and Shadow’s eye. Mr. Wenselby called everyone into the school hall and displayed a familiar video to the whole school. Two students ran up and down the corridors, smashing things up and then walked into the bathroom to do their spines. After that, they crashed through the corridors once again and then stopped in front of the ICT room. One of them picked the other one up and threw him into the window and then the other broke the door down. After that, the two shady characters broke over twenty computers and then went back to the bathroom, using the out of order toilet and then it cut off.
“We believe that the thief had thrown a giant missile at the door to break it!” Mr. Wenselby said. All the students laughed and Sonic and Shadow warily looked at each other. After a while Sonic said,
“There was a chilli dog on the desk!”
“I know! I can’t believe we didn’t see that before!” Shadow gasped. Suddenly, Sonic remembered about what Geoffrey had said. There were two new students that looked oddly like himself and Shadow.
“Hey Shadow, you think the new students that look like us will be in our class?” Sonic asked.
“No, if I can remember correctly, new students always start two years lower than they should when they start school!” Shadow grinned.
“Are you sure?” Sonic asked.
“Yes! Are you insulting my memory?” Shadow screamed.
“No, no, sheesh!” Sonic replied as he rolled his eyes. After that, a bell rang and all the students left the hall and walked to their classrooms. After a moment, two new students walked into the room. One was a light blue hedgehog with long spines and a yellow dress with black and green shoes and a feather clip on the side of her head. The other was a black hedgehog with spines and a pony tail and red streaks on her spines, ear tips, arms, legs, under-tail and going down her head and pony tail. She had a blue dress on with a pink bandana around her neck and red and white shoes on. Ms Wiggums, their class teacher walked into the room and stood beside the students.
“Good morning class.” Ms Wiggums started. “These are the two new students, Liv and Gina who will be joining our class.” She said pointing to the blue hedgehog, who was Liv and the black and red hedgehog who was Gina. Sonic and Shadow’s eyes widened as they saw them. Shadow had a flashback of him many years ago. He was in a large room with machines everywhere and another hedgehog was sitting in front of him. Shadow’s eyes turned to slits as he eyed the hedgehog in front of him. Suddenly she grinned and placed her hand on the board in front of them both.
“Check mate!” She screamed as she jumped up from the chess board, cheering for herself. Shadow gritted his teeth and then kicked the chess board across the room and walked out of the door. After that, the flash back ended.
“What was all that about?” Shadow asked himself. “Who was that, and why did that memory come up just now?”

After that, Sonic had a flashback. He was much younger, practically about five years old and he was playing with a male hedgehog and two female hedgehogs. He identified the male as Manic and one of the females as Sonia but he hadn’t got a clue who the other one was. Suddenly, his mother, Queen Aleena walked into the room and brought them cookies.
“Play nicely now, and Sonic.” She said as he looked up at her. “Look after your little sister, it’s not everyday you get a little sister to look after.” She said as she walked out of the door. Sonic looked at the other three hedgehogs and then stopped on the one that he couldn’t identify. After that, the flashback finished.
“What the heck was that about?” Sonic asked himself. He just shrugged it off and leaned back on his chair to notice the two new students sitting behind him. He was so shocked, that he fell backwards and the whole class started laughing at him. It didn’t really bother Sonic as he pulled his chair back up because he was too busy thinking about who the two new students were.


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